Community Voices


Condos pose opportunities, risks for local home buyers

While prices of single- and multi-family homes are quickly becoming unaffordable for Roxbury residents, condominiums provide an affordable alternative. But stiff competition and unstable condo associations present hurdles and risks for prospective buyers.

For senior homeowners, repair costs loom large

Traditional wisdom says home ownership provides economic security in old age, but as the senior population swells, repair costs rise and more people enter retirement saddled by debt, many elders find themselves “house-rich but cash-poor,” unable to keep up with ...

Chinatown group jumps at chance to ‘Imagine Boston’

Chinatown residents and activists responded last week to Mayor Walsh’s new citywide planning initiative, “Imagine Boston 2030,” with their own event dubbed “Imagine…Chinatown 2030?” – a question meant to highlight the precarious situation that many residents say the neighborhood currently ...

Race colors response to opioid crisis

As heroin and other opioids have proliferated in predominantly white communities in Massachusetts, state and local officials have shifted their emphasis from drug law enforcement to treatment. Blacks, who have long argued drug addiction is a sickness, not a crime, ...

New bridges to hope in the wake of Long Island

The city has utilized multiple sites in Boston to house the services that were provided to the homeless and substance abusers at the now closed Long Island Shelter.

Taking on foreclosure in Four Corners

The Coalition for Occupied Homes in Foreclosure finalized the purchase of ten formerly foreclosed properties in the Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester. The purchase is part of COHIF’s plan to acquire thirty occupied, foreclosed properties in the area to help ...

School officials soliciting ideas for high schools of the future

What should the high schools of the future have? That was the question posed at a meeting Monday night at the Boston Public Schools administrative headquarters in Dudley Square. The discussion, attended by a mix of educational professionals, parents, and ...

Jerk chicken gurus go big

Eighteen years ago, the couple scored a secret jerk chicken recipe from Chris’s mother and began cooking the Jamaican dish for family and neighborhood gatherings. Soon, their chicken was legendary among neighbors, inspiring them to take their product to market. ...

Neighbors question integrity of Inspectional Services Department

Roxbury residents are complaining developers may be using political connections to obtain variances from the city’s Inspectional Services Department.

From Baltimore to Boston, a unified cry for justice

Two demonstrations last week organized by activists expressed solidarity with protesters in Baltimore and drew parallels between the police killing of Freddie Gray there and other abuses of police power in Boston and nationwide.

Roxbury groups seek to re-introduce native-bred apple tree

The Roxbury Historical Society is partnering with the Hawthorne Youth Community Center to purchase fifty Roxbury russet apple trees from a Maine orchard and sell the saplings at low prices to local organizations and residents. The proceeds from the sales ...

Activists call for revival of Roxbury Neighborhood Council

The city relies on a patchwork of neighborhood associations to solicit community input on development decisions in Roxbury. Community residents are calling for the revival of the Roxbury Neighborhood Council as an organization that represents the community’s interests in local ...

Advocates: House budget won’t fix MBTA problems

The budget released by the House Ways and Means Committee last week seeks to tackle the public transit system’s woes by auditing the MBTA’s finances and suspending for five years a 1993 law that makes it more difficult for state ...

City floats latest Cass Blvd. plan at community meeting

The Boston Transportation Department last week unveiled its latest revision of Melnea Cass Boulevard redesign plans, reviving a process stalled by community resistance at several stages over the past three-and-a-half years. The new plan no longer includes the bus rapid ...

Community conversations highlight policing problems

Two different neighborhood meetings last week highlighted deep concerns that many residents have about the Boston Police Department’s track record on community relations, racial profiling and use of force — including concerns voiced by, and about, black police officers.