Programs that help women business owners expand their opportunities

Women-owned businesses are on the rise — most accounts find they make up about 30 percent of all privately held firms in the U.S. — but there is concern that many of these business top out early.

Focus on sustainable food

Owners of many of Boston’s up-and-coming new food businesses turned up to showcase their fare on Sept. 20 for the sixth annual Boston Local Food Festival on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. Neighborhood food startups relished the attention from an ...

Government agencies crack down on fraudulent mortgage practices

City, state and federal agencies have been stepping up efforts to stamp out fraudulent mortgage practices that target communities of color — pricing discrimination and redlining among them.

SBA expands reach

The federal government is trying to do a better job helping small businesses in underserved communities grow, and is reaching out to community organizations as partners in doing so.

Roslindale grocery store cited $300,000 for failing to pay overtime and Sunday wages, hindering investigation

A Roslindale grocery store and its owners have agreed to pay more than $300,000 in citations for failing to properly pay their employees in violation of the state’s wage and hour laws, and for hindering an investigation, Attorney General Maura ...

Mass. Auditor: Review of tax expenditure program necessary

State Auditor Suzanne Bump today testified on behalf of legislation she filed granting state auditors the ability to review the state’s tax expenditure program. The Office of the State Auditor first began researching Massachusetts’ tax expenditure program in 2011, but ...

2015 Toyota 4Runner

Despite being kind of boxy, the 4Runner is a decent looking ride, especially in Barcelona Red, the color of our test-drive vehicle.

Moira Studio’s Clemencia Herrera combines marketing and design skills

Clemencia Herrera, founder and creative director of Moira Studio, a creative marketing firm based in Cambridge, has put her multicultural background and experience to work to gain a foothold for her startup business.

Diversity - No longer a feel-good tactic

There was a time when diversity in the workplace was at best an afterthought and at worst, little more than a feel-good tactic. Today there’s a growing awareness that diversity is a business imperative. It is critical for a company’s ...

Lusterity — a one-stop-shop for socially conscious celebrations

Lusterity is a one-stop shop for socially conscious celebrations founded by co-founders Sierra Rothberg and Marie Zemler Wu who were first brought together to lead their children’s public school 375th birthday celebration. They have taken their ideas from concept to ...

Geeta Aiyer: A life of integrity

"Business and finance have a stake in maintaining great community environments,” Geeta Aiyer said during a recent conversation about bridging the equity gap. Aiyer, founder and president of Boston Common Asset Management, oversees more than $2 billion on behalf of ...

The Holyoke Innovation District finds creative solutions to revitalizing the city

While Boston’s Seaport Innovation District has garnered praise and attention, the efforts in Holyoke to revitalize vacant mill and factory sections of the city with new businesses and spur economic growth has been steadily and successfully moving forward for more ...

Founder of MassInno, Bobbie Carlton launches Innovation Women

Innovation Women, a new online speaker’s bureau for women, is guided by a simple yet powerful principle: “Visibility Equals Opportunity.”

Kelley Chunn and Geri Denterlein team up for success

Two Boston women who left high-profile positions in broadcasting to launch public relations businesses have formed a successful uptown-downtown partnership to secure new clients and enhance their services.

Lifestyle company, Kyu Melange is fashion with a progressive element

In August 2013, Gibson founded Kyu Mélange (pronounced Q-Mey-Longe), which is a “purpose driven fashion and lifestyle company” offering multi-functional, hand-crafted, unisex leather bags, clutches and accessories, sourced from around the globe. (“Kyu” means “progress” in Japanese and “mélange” means ...