Entrepreneurs set to launch Dorchester business lab

Set to open later this month and modeled after business lab concepts very common in the high tech startup world in Silicon Valley and Cambridge, the Fields Corner Business Lab contains about a dozen small private offices, several conference rooms, ...

Boston swan boats to launch soon

Spring is in the air and the swan boats will hit the water at the Boston Public Garden Lagoon on April 19.

Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club receives donation

The Coca-Cola Company bestowed a donation of $5,000 this week to the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club in Dorchester.

Boston adjunct faculty unionize

Adjunct professors, those who teach at universities, but who are not tenured, are paid far less nowadays than their tenured colleagues at public universities nationwide and tend to receive no health insurance or retirement plan.

MBTA revamps Blue Hill Avenue T stop plans

When the MBTA last announced its plans for the Blue Hill Avenue station in 2009, the excitement over the project was not shared by the neighboring residents.

Boston joins global climate initiative

Boston plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent in the next six years, and hopes to make an 80 percent reduction by 2050. To achieve this goal, the 2014 Climate Action Plan Steering Committee was created by ...

Evandro Carvalho wins Boston 5th Suffolk by wide margin

Political neophyte Evandro Carvalho cleared the field in the five-person Democratic primary special election for the 5th Suffolk District seat formerly occupied by Carlos Henriquez, securing 49 percent of the 1,957 ballots cast.

Coalition pushing for criminal justice reform

Prison reform advocates in the state are gearing up for a busy month. The Jobs Not Jails Coalition has a Boston rally planned on April 26 and will return four days later to present a petition to Massachusetts Legislature — ...

Majority of high-paying Boston jobs dominated by whites

For people of color, the school department is a mirror image of the rest of the city. While whites make up the majority of the employees in the schools with 57 percent, people of color make up the majority at ...

BJ’s Wholesale Club has signed a letter of intent for a 90,000 square-foot space in Parcel 3

The letter of intent was announced Monday night at a meeting of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee. Committee members congratulated members of the Parcel 3 development team for the commitment, which will allow the project to secure funding ...

Startup journalism thrives but it’s a very white world

It’s a fascinating and bizarre development to watch, an emerging clique of the world’s smartest, snarkiest and data-driven geek-journalists battling for domination as Masters of the Wonkverse. While it’s been happening for some time, recent elections and the constant cycle ...

Roxbury’s Philip Eure named NYPD Inspector General

As the first person appointed Inspector General for the New York Police Department, Philip Eure, 52, sets the template for establishing police accountability in the big city. In his new role, Eure will use input from the NYPD to “identify ...

Massachusetts schools get D grade in civil rights history education

Massachusetts leads the nation in scores on achievement tests in reading and math, but the state does not do nearly as well when it comes to teaching public school students about the Civil Rights Movement.

Compromise bill dies amid battle over charter school cap

A battle between charter school supporters and public school parents came to a head last week, but the event that precipitated the dustup was an attempt at compromise.

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‘Contempt of cop’ arrest ruled contempt of rights