Trump power grab imperils democracy

The intrigue at the White House might seem to be beyond the concern of the average voter, but indeed it is not. There is definitely a move to expand the powers of the president beyond the normal limits of our ...

Paula Dofat of ‘Step’ discusses her journey and passion for education

Paula Dofat, director of college counseling at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, is one of the subjects of “Step,” the uplifting and feel-good movie of the summer. Dofat considers her own unconventional path of attending six different colleges ...

Photographer Robin Radin turns her lens on Franklin Park

The pieces, printed old-school with selenium-toned gelatin silver plates, have a moody, cinematic quality and show Boston’s Franklin Park as it almost never is: empty.

Ballot measures, gubernatorial, Senate races looming for 2018

Progressive favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren and moderate Republican Gov. Charlie Baker face off against challengers on the 2018 ballot. A union-backed measure raising income tax on the state’s wealthiest residents also will feature on the ballot, as may proposals providing ...

Films highlight America’s history of resistance

The MIT List Visual Arts Center will be screening its “List Projects: Civil Disobedience” through Oct. 29. As advertised, the exhibit presents “a program of documentaries, news footage, citizen journalism and artist’s films featuring moments of political resistance and public ...

A strong start for Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer

Bev Armstrong, founder, CEO and head brewer of Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer, knows her career path is unusual. The Harvard-educated attorney and MBA made a “complete left turn” into entrepreneurship, hanging her shingle as a fulltime craft beer brewer in ...

Advocates rally against housing budget cuts

Hundreds of housing advocates from Boston and across the state gathered near Faneuil Hall last week to protest budget cuts proposed by President Trump especially, and Congress to a lesser degree, that would decimate funding for many key housing-related programs.

Boston police promotions ruled discriminatory

Critics of a police promotional exam scored another point last month when a federal judge ruled that the exam is racially discriminatory. This was the second time U.S. District Court Judge William Young had made that determination.

Developers break ground on Bartlett Station project

Construction begins on a 16-unit condo building at the former Bartlett bus yard, along with a building that will contain 60 rental units as well as a grocery store. By 2032, the full project will provide 323 units.

Mass. school evaluations called ‘unfair’

The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s system is prone to rank schools based on the resources of the population they serve, rather than on the quality of their instruction and practices, the Fordham Institute asserts. This could have ...

Do you think Donald Trump will serve out his full term?

I don’t think Trump will last. I think he’ll be impeached because of the emoluments clause. He’s enriching himself. He has no moral compass. — Zakiya Alake, Civil Rights Defender, Dorchester

Senator Markey joins Codman Square Health Center to discuss the state of health care

Senator Markey will discuss the issue of local health care at Codman Square Health Center.

In the news: Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding has joined the faculty of the Department of Music at Harvard University as professor of the practice, with an appointment beginning July 2017. Spalding will teach a range of courses in songwriting, arranging, improvisation and performance, while also ...

O.J.’s nine-year sentence a product of racially-influenced judicial system

It is hard to believe that an appropriate sentence for such an offense is nine to 33 years. The heart of the case is an awkward and impolitic attempt to reclaim one’s own property, which is up for sale and ...

Trump’s ‘massive’ middle-class tax cut is pure bunkum

The billions doled out in corporate welfare annually dwarf the amount the federal government distributes to the states for welfare, food stamps, child nutrition initiatives and other support programs for the poor and needy. However, these are the ones that ...