Millionaires’ tax clears Legislature

During last week’s constitutional convention, an amendment that would apply a surtax on income over $1 million and direct revenue to public education and public infrastructure won the necessary approval to appear on statewide ballot.

Activists call for repeal of mandatory minimums

During a State House hearing on criminal justice reforms, proposals to repeal mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenses took a strong focus.

What do you think of the changes Boston is going through?

It’s progress, but for whom? There’s new ideas, different proposals. You ask why people are building in the community and they say ‘There’s nothing here.’ There’s an entire culture here that could be moved away. — Ayanna Warfield, Chef, Roxbury

In the news: Natasha Z. Boye

Natasha Z. Boye has been promoted to MassHousing’s HomeOwnership Business Development team where she is a Relationship Manager working with the Agency’s business partners to foster home buying opportunities for Massachusetts residents.

Money Talk: You don’t need a bunch of money to achieve the ‘American Dream’

There are many would-be homeowners out there that have been misled about their ability to afford a home in Boston. We have some of the highest real estate prices in the country and the misconception that you can’t purchase a ...

Salt-crust technique brings out food’s flavor

It’s one thing to know salt makes food taste better. It’s another to understand that every single bite of food, from oatmeal to steak Oscar, is a culinary opportunity to be optimized with the right amount of salt. There isn’t ...

Reginald Jackson exhibit at Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists visualizes Yoruba tradition

“Orisha Domains Series” features dreamy, edited landscapes, the sort of natural destinations controlled and inspired by gods featured in the neighboring exhibition by Stephen Hamilton.“Orisha Domains Series” features dreamy, edited landscapes, the sort of natural destinations controlled and inspired by ...

Eighty diverse performers take over Harvard Square for Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre’s Dance for World Community event

The all-day festival highlights the diversity of the Boston dance community with performances of dance styles from all over the world.Five stages hosted performances in and around the Sanctuary Theatre and the surrounding section of Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square.

Free speech revisited at Harvard University

There seems to be confusion among some Americans about what constitutes freedom of speech in the nation. The issue arose because at least 10 students who had been admitted to Harvard University have had their acceptance revoked. They had apparently ...

Why do we get so worked up over the n word?

TV host Bill Maher intemperately uses the N word. Then a pack of black celebrities and academics feverishly debate the propriety of it. And then everyone within and without earshot is off to the races endlessly chattering about it. I’ve ...

Eastern Bank growth fund targets minority-owned firms

Through Business Equity Initiative, Eastern Bank is stepping up with a $10 million growth fund aimed at providing loans to build the capacity of businesses owned by people of color.

What do you think about Boston’s building boom?

It’s good in a way. But we need more housing for the elderly and the disabled. There needs to be more affordability. — Elizabeth Grant, Housewife, Roxbury

A long, proud history of honoring Roxbury’s past

Roxbury residents have long honored the colonial-era history of the neighborhood, which began in 1630 as one of the five original Puritan settlements in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Notable Roxbury residents who made their mark in history

Roxbury’s black community has produced outstanding citizens who have contributed much to Boston’s and the nation’s civic and cultural life.

Roxbury Homecoming celebrates longstanding friendships

Families, gangs and other groups stake out spaces with tents, awnings and chairs. Grills, coolers and tables laden with food and drink provide refreshments. Deejays spin classic soul and disco. Walking through the gatherings, held in Franklin Park, is like ...