Summertime Savings to Help You Buy a Home

The special summertime discounts and offers are for borrowers earning up to $82,720, depending on the city or town in which they are buying a home. Loans must close before September 29, 2017. Other restrictions may apply

Special Advance Screening of STEP

Special Advance Screening of STEP Download a pair of passes to the preview screening of Fox Searchlight’s STEP on August 9th at 7:30pm in Boston For the chance to download a complimentary pair of passes, go to www.foxsearchlightscreenings.com and enter ...

In the news: Jeffrey Sánchez

Jamaica Plain state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez has been tapped to replace Rep. Brian Dempsey as chairman of the Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee. Sanchez will be the first person of color to hold the key post in the history of ...

City unveils its final Imagine Boston plan

The Imagine Boston report acknowledges that gaining and holding on to housing is a severe issue. Boston’s median household incomes mirror the national median, but when it comes to homes, Boston is two and a half times more expensive.

Trump and the Russians: An unholy alliance

Clearly, Trump’s connection with Russia is not philosophical. He has already demonstrated a willingness to desecrate a major economic principle of the presidency, that the office will operate for the benefit of the republic and not to increase the president’s ...

Melissa Etheridge, Joss Stone electrify audience at 38th annual Montreal International Jazz Festival

Etheridge, who hadn’t performed at the Montreal International Jazz festival in 28 years, more than made up for the lost time during her electrifying nearly two-hour performance.

Jorge Arce brings back Bomba traditions at Festival Betances

Arce is known for championing the Afro-Caribbean beats of Bomba and Plena music. While many of the festival’s performances featured contemporary music styles, Arce got the crowd’s hips shaking with traditional tunes.

School vouchers still don’t work, despite what Trump and DeVos think

This would put taxpayers on the hook for bankrolling private schools, with vouchers as the ticket to entry. This is the ultimate example of proclaiming that education is for sale — with the seller being the White House.

Advocates fight to save Melnea Cass Blvd trees

The group Friends of Melnea Cass Boulevard is urging city and state transportation officials and Mayor Marty Walsh to delay a street redesign plan in order to address community priorities regarding tree preservation and safety and to ensure adequate community ...

In memoriam: S. Allen Counter 1944-2017

The world has lost one of its greatest humanists with the recent death of Dr. S. Allen Counter. There is no one else to explore the globe so bravely, in search of the history of the African people.

Do you think Boston will ever overcome its legacy of racial inequality?

Yes. It would take the mutual cooperation of every inhabitant. — Veronica Nchuamu, Student, South End

Immigration Nation

Students, artists and community members created over 400 hand-painted suitcases for Nora Valdez’s “Immigration Nation” exhibit at Urbano Project. On display through July 29, the tactile, sculptural installation confronts the struggle of immigrants to find identity and acceptance in the ...

Good fences, good business

Ralph McCoy founded McCoy Fence Co. in 1988, after working for another fence company. With seven employees, he tackles projects for the city, state, commercial and private clients.

Mass Pike Towers tenants allege developer’s sale price is ‘robbery’

Bill Oranczak, president of the Mass Pike Towers Association, said that while tenants are not at near-term risk of removal, transferring the site to community control will ensure that as development pressures continue to rise, a piece of the neighborhood ...

ACLU criminal justice reform campaign takes aim at district attorneys

The ACLU is looking to increase voter awareness about district attorneys with a voter education project called “What a Difference a DA Makes.”