Madison Park cuts ribbon on renovated mixed-income building

The Madison Park Development Corporation held a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 8th at its new Nine Williams building, a renovation of a historical site on Melnea Cass Boulevard in Roxbury.

State’s top pols turn out for Dorcena Forry’s farewell address

Surrounded by the state’s top political figures, former Senator Linda Dorcena Forry gave her farewell speech last week in the House chamber, addressing her constituents and fellow legislators, past and present.

Investing in our students to provide a better education for all

At the Boston Public Schools, we believe that our budget is a values statement, reflecting our commitment to creating the best schools for all our students. Through the BPS budget, we prioritize investing in every individual learner throughout their academic ...

BPS budget falls short of promise of quality education for all

Every Boston school should offer its students a high-quality education, but the proposed school budget falls far short of that standard. While this budget has been better than in previous years, it still subscribes to a model of school funding ...

Moving forward, looking back

“African American Heritage in Massachusetts” by Rosalyn D. Elder is the tour guide history lessons everywhere have been missing. Organized by town and region, the book brings the reader on a journey through African American history in the state. Elder ...

Renaissance brother!

Rel Dowdell discusses his third full-length feature, a documentary examining the child support system, entitled “Where's Daddy?

Free and open to all

Every year, the Boston Public Library presents the “Lowell Lecture Series,” a piece of programming established in 1836 to keep the public educated and informed. With this year’s theme, “Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Voices of Social Justice,” the series takes ...

Drink your fiber

The easiest way to consume loads of fiber is to drink it, compared to chomping your way through a pile of whole grains, stems and leaves. Fiber is a catch-all word for carbohydrates, such as cellulose, that we cannot digest. ...

Different strategies for different times

The primary strategy has been to procure civil rights. Going forward, greater consideration should be given to entrepreneurial development.

Jeff Sessions perverts American justice

In 1986, Mrs. King warned that Sessions had used the power of his office as an Alabama prosecutor to chill the free exercise of the vote by African Americans. As attorney general, Sessions has continued that crusade, targeting not only ...

In the news: Wanda McClain

Vice President of Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Wanda McClain, will be honored with the Whittier’s 2018 Black History Leadership Award on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at Whittier Street Health Center. The event is part ...

Walpole police implement new training in wake of bias suit

In response to a complaint filed on behalf of John-Paul Wahnon, the Walpole Police Department announced Thursday that it has instituted new training techniques and best practices, including comprehensive implicit bias training, to ensure procedural fairness. The Town will also ...

Pressley launches bid for congressional seat

At-large City Councilor Ayanna Pressley kicked off her campaign for the 7th Congressional District at a Cambridge restaurant Feb. 13, vowing to push against the political climate in Massachusetts that favors incumbents over insurgents.

Why do you think there’s so much gun violence in America?

People are going through pain they can’t cope with. They resort to guns and drugs. Both are easy to get to, but the government is more concerned about stopping drugs than guns.


“I can’t wait to get to Boston. I’m back where it all began,” says Charity Angél Dawson of returning to the Hub in the national touring production of Waitress. The actress originated the role of Nurse Norma when it premiered ...