Art Breathes Life

Ed Gaskin, executive director of Greater Grove Hall Main Streets, is actively fostering public art projects as a way to promote economic development in the area. As a result of over $70,000 in grant funding, Grove Hall is regularly producing ...

The business of food

First piloted in Fall 2016, Food Biz 101 is an accelerator specially designed to address the nuts and bolts of starting a food-related business. Classes cover recipe scaling, cost of goods, labeling regulations, licensing and permitting as well as business ...

UMass staff suffer consequences of school budget deficit

Staff union leaders at UMass Boston are preparing to challenge the school’s administration and board of trustees after dozens of employees were laid off as a way to address a budget deficit. Ongoing campus construction and renovations have contributed to ...

Chinatown wants control of public parcel

Members of the Boston Chinatown Resident Association and the Chinatown Community Land Trust are appealing to the Boston Planning and Development Agency to take back control of a public land parcel in their neighborhood. The city-owned land, named Parcel R-1, ...

Bilingual education to return to Massachusetts

Bilingual instruction came one step closer to making a return in Massachusetts last week, with the House voting near-unanimously to support An Act Relative to Language Opportunity for Our Kids (LOOK), a bill that would allow instructors to teach English ...

BPS makes changes at alternative high school

Nearly two months after Boston Public Schools officials canceled the enrollment of 104 students from Greater Egleston High School, many remain off the school’s rolls and the department has yet to give an explanation for the action.

What in your life are you thankful for?

I’m grateful to be alive. The president might be the biggest jerk in the world, but I’m alive. — Ron Simpkins, Retired, Framingham

Rosette Martinez

Rosette Martinez joined The Dimock Center as Chief Officer of Operations Integration.

Mental illness and addiction: often hand in hand

Substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health illness are two different conditions, but you might call them siblings of sort. The link between them is often strong.

Pacific News Service dba New America Media announces closure of organization

The board of directors and staff of the nonprofit New America Media (NAM), and its parent organization, Pacific News Service (PNS), announced today that the two entities will cease operations by November 30, 2017.

Instant Parma

I have an eggplant Parmesan recipe that’s mostly local, even in the middle of winter, and so quick and easy to prepare it could qualify as fast food.

Strategic voting builds power

If there is to be political cohesion among African Americans in the future, the establishment of standards of commitment to the community must be established. The alternative is everybody just going it alone.

The GOP’s never-ending Judge Moore problem

The GOP does not have a Judge Roy Moore problem. It has a Judge Moores problem. That’s plural for a reason. Moore is hardly an aberration in GOP ranks. In the past two decades the list of GOP governors, congresspersons, ...

It’s time to end off-year elections

After Boston’s sleepy municipal elections produced an anemic 27 percent voter turnout, it’s clear that something needs to change… and it’s the date.

Unfinished journey

The largest institution dedicated to African American history and culture, the National Museum of African American History and Culture starts its story in the 1400s, when African peoples took part in transatlantic trade with countries on other continents. Displays and ...