Time to hold school principals accountable for increasing teacher diversity

It’s hiring season in the Boston Public Schools. Principals across the city are interviewing talented teachers to join their school teams. One top criteria they must look for is diverse candidates that reflect the racial demographics of their students.

In the news: Michael Curry

Attorney Michael Curry was recently promoted to Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, which represents over 50 community health centers and over 988,000 patients across the state.

Audra McDonald honored by MIT

“If something scares me, I have to do it,” says renowned actress and singer Audra McDonald in a short video that preceded her on-stage interview on Saturday at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which has chosen McDonald as the recipient of ...

‘Top Girl’ in a man’s world

In “Top Girls,” opening April 20 at the Huntington Theatre Company, ambitious Marlene has just received a major promotion over a male colleague. To celebrate, she hosts a dinner with six famous, rule-breaking historical women. Throughout dinner the dramatically different ...

House budget includes increases for education, ex-offenders

Massachusetts House members released a $40.9 billion budget proposal last week with modest investments in education spending and new investments in drug treatment programs, funding for housing and homeless services and funding for re-entry programs aimed at helping ex-offenders find ...

A break with the past

Petitions to change the name of a public way in Boston are usually perfunctory matters. According to a report in the Boston Globe there have been only six petitions since 2011. However, the petition initiated by John Henry, the principal ...

Another GOP move to undermine democracy

The problem with artificially reducing a state’s population today is that it will deprive the state of deserved federal funds. About $600 billion in federal spending is allocated according to population. Accurate census data determine who gets what benefits. That ...

IBA forum pays homage to 50 years since its founding

Last Wednesday at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, IBA hosted a forum to celebrate and look back at their last 50 years of history.

Has America made any progress on the issue of police profiling?

Very little. We still have a lot of prejudice. I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would be disappointed.

El Punto

Referred to colloquially as “El Punto,” Salem’s Point Neighborhood is only a few blocks from downtown, but those short streets feel like miles. Built originally as factory worker housing, and historically occupied by immigrants, the neighborhood has long been isolated ...

Supporting small business

The Boston City Council Committee on Small Business and Consumer Affairs held a hearing last Tuesday at the Bruce C. Bolling Building on the opportunities and challenges facing small businesses in the city such as access to capital, equitable liquor ...

Mass. ACLU sues U.S. ICE officials

A class action lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts challenges U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and their recent tactics of targeting immigrant spouses who are pursuing citizenship by detaining them at marriage confirmation interviews.

Mayor proposes new investments for Long Island bridge, body cams

Last Wednesday, Mayor Martin Walsh released his $3.29 billion fiscal year 2019 budget proposal which shows a 4.3 percent increase from FY18 and includes a $1.1 billion Boston Public Schools budget, an additional 80 million to reconstruct the Long Island ...

Governor signs criminal justice reforms into law

Surrounded by Democratic and Republican lawmakers, Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law a bill that rolls back mandatory minimum sentences for some nonviolent crimes, reforms the state’s criminal records laws making it easier for ex-offenders to seal their records and ...

Drug policies evolve as addiction becomes a white problem

The criminal justice reform bill that Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law last week would not likely have been possible in the year 2000 when Massachusetts voters rejected a measure that would have diverted defendants caught with small amounts of ...