City unveils climate change readiness report

Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Thursday released the latest report from Climate Ready Boston, the city’s ongoing initiative to prepare Boston for the impacts of climate change.

Mayor Walsh announces proposal to provide tax relief to Boston homeowners

Mayor Walsh announces proposal to provide tax relief to Boston homeowners

Latino business leaders concerned about Trump policies

With President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration approaching, his anti-immigration and visa reform rhetoric has caused a lot of uncertainty among the Latino business community in Massachusetts, particularly regarding the cultivation and retention of Latino talent.

Famed Boston boyband New Edition makes a 30-year comeback

The revolutionary, Boston-based, ‘80s boy band, New Edition, is coming back in a big way. “The New Edition Story,” a three part miniseries on the origins of the band, premieres January 24th on BET Networks. All six members of the ...

Mattahunt puts focus on options for turnaround schools

Boston Public Schools’ proposal to close the struggling Mattahunt Elementary school, enroll children in older grades to new schools and reopen it as an early learning center has come under tight scrutiny.

Meeting basic needs under Trump

As Donald Trump’s White House takes shape, local thinkers anticipate what the president-elect’s federal appointments could mean for a state that went overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton. While individual states and cities’ practices may buffer them against some of the effects, ...

The ‘Fight for $15’ persists in Massachusetts and beyond

Massachusetts fast food, airport, Uber, and other workers paid the minimum wage went on strike last week as part of a nationwide campaign for $15 wages and union rights.

Roxbury real estate market pressures local tenants, buyers

Roxbury rents are soaring — and largely catching up with the Boston average. This leaves current residents particularly at risk of displacement in a neighborhood where many are renters and earn below the Boston average income.

Boston students take to streets, protest Trump admin.

Hundreds of Boston students assembled on the Boston Common Monday in protest of Donald Trump's election, demanding that Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker oppose the new administration's education agenda and publicly declare support for immigrants, Muslims and ...

Tanisha Sullivan is the new face of Boston NAACP

The Boston Branch of the NAACP has a new president. After six years in the role, Michael Curry is handing off the torch to Tanisha Sullivan, a Brockton-raisedlawyer and former Boston Public Schools chief equity officer.

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

What are your concerns about Donald Trump’s presidency?

City advances rent protection law

The city's Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act, which officials filed Monday, would place restrictions on the rights owners of large properties have to evict tenants and require that eviction notices be filed with the city's Office of Housing Stability at ...

Eva Mitchell

Eva Mitchell has been appointed director of the Boston Public Schools partnership with General Electric.

The Lawyers’ Committee promises to be the community’s legal protectors

The Lawyers’ Committee has a long history of defending civil rights in the city and state, and in his first year and a half on the job, the newest executive director has been working to broaden the nonprofit’s agenda and ...

Will Trump’s education agenda gain traction here?

The battle over privatization in Massachusetts is by no means over. Both President-elect Donald Trump and his pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, are firmly committed to charter schools and school vouchers that would allow parents to use district ...