Roxbury residents weigh in on housing barriers

To receive HUD funds, the city must prepare an Assessment of Fair Housing report outlining plans for overcoming barriers to opportunity and housing choice and for promoting inclusive, integrated communities. A meeting in the Dudley library branch sought resident feedback ...

A new concept of reparations

Unequal school funding, federally-sanctioned housing discrimination, false imprisonment, police abuse and other government-sanctioned policies make a more compelling case for reparations than slavery, a practice that became illegal in 1865.

Obamacare & McCain’s health battle

Senator John McCain’s battle with cancer is the best argument against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

George Washington: Slave-breeder

America’s unease with its slave-holding past came into sharp relief during a recent encounter in Federal Hall, a Wall Street landmark with an eight-foot bronze statue of George Washington on the front steps.

Big Brother is watching: Mills Gallery features chilling utopia images

The contemporary exhibit articulates utopian dreams with underlying feelings of foreboding.

‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ offers hope, possible solutions to climate crisis

The dramatic follow-up on “An Inconvenient Truth” follows former Vice President Al Gore as he crisscrosses the globe, training an army of climate champions.

Beauty herself is black: A diverse cast joins the Bard for ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Brandon Green, the production’s Benvolio, says he hopes having more black actors on stage will bring a new layer of gravity to the work.

Marketing master goes with the flow

Venezuelan-born serial entrepreneur Zamawa Arenas previously spent 20 years with the full-service marketing firm Argus — 15 of those as co-owner — before hanging her own shingle in June.

Advocates hope Finish Line Grant will be key to college — and to jobs

In today’s job market, higher education is a necessity to better economic outcomes, yet cost burdens often delay degree completion or price it out of reach entirely, said advocates at a recent State House hearing. Advocates say that measures such ...

City poised to sell off Roxbury land

Local residents had a chance recently to browse maps showing eight vacant Roxbury land parcels owned by the Boston Planning and Development Authority and give feedback on possible development of the sites. The displays were set up in the community ...

School lunches get a revolution

Boston Public Schools’ new food vendor promises fresh, culturally-relevant, preservative-free meals that include local ingredients. The vendor switch is expected to woo more students to school lunch and breakfast options and provide them with healthier fare.

Police policy a wedge issue in mayoral race

Walsh says his administration has reduced arrests, improved relations between police and community residents and diversified the department’s ranks. Jackson slams Walsh for his administration’s responses to an increase in murders and claims the department is becoming less, not more ...

What do you think are the most important issues facing Boston’s elected officials?

Housing. Affording housing for the residents of Boston. Not for the developers, for the residents. And education and jobs for the youth, so they can afford to pay rent. — Valerie Shelley, Resident Leader, Roxbury

Summertime Savings to Help You Buy a Home

The special summertime discounts and offers are for borrowers earning up to $82,720, depending on the city or town in which they are buying a home. Loans must close before September 29, 2017. Other restrictions may apply

In the news: Jeffrey Sánchez

Jamaica Plain state Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez has been tapped to replace Rep. Brian Dempsey as chairman of the Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee. Sanchez will be the first person of color to hold the key post in the history of ...