Boston-based nonprofit uses dance, diet to fight obesity

Hub resident Destiny Edwards, now 13, made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle and joined ShapeUp with Shaumba in 2012 to help.

STDs: Not always curable

Generally, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are caused by bacteria or parasites are easy to treat. Often one dose or injection of antibiotics can do the trick.

Partners HealthCare and Thrive in 5 Work Together to Ensure School Readiness

Children’s earliest life experiences shape the architecture of their brain, which can have a profound impact on their health and well-being throughout their lives. That’s why Partners HealthCare has committed to a partnership with Boston’s Thrive in 5 to ensure ...

What’s your number?

During regular checkups tests can be performed to evaluate the status of one’s health.

Is it an infection … or is it breast cancer?

A rare form of breast cancer often escapes detection. It changes the appearance of the breast and rarely has a lump.

Is it a cold … or is it the flu?

Both the flu and common cold are respiratory illnesses caused by different viruses. They also share many of the symptoms, but the symptoms of the flu are more severe and can result in serious complications

Fight the flu: Wash your hands

There is one way to avoid or reduce the risk of several infectious diseases and it takes only 20 seconds. It doesn’t require a medical degree and anyone — including children — can master it. It’s just plain old hand ...

No age limit for vaccinations

You never outgrow the need for vaccinations. Protection from immunizations can wane over time and adults who were not vaccinated as children require catch-up shots.

Squash Crostini

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's app "Ask the Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer" has great recipes and helpful advice from nutritionist. Here's a recipe available on the app - Squash Crostini

Study raises questions about elderly, prescription drugs

Elderly Americans are prescribed medications in inexplicably different ways depending on where they live, according to a new report from Dartmouth researchers.

Inside Out Tacos

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's popular free nutrition app, Ask the Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer, is now available for Android platform. The Inside Out Taco recipe is one sample of the recipes available on the app.

Quick Chicken Chili

Chili hits the spot in cooler weather. It tastes good and is good for you.

Fresh Truck

A mobile farmers market brings healthy food to low-income communities


You don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout

Walking – it’s cheap and it’s easy

Walking is the simplest aerobic exercise to improve health