Flash in the Pan: Leafy wraps-ody

Food wraps can be found, in one incarnation or another, anywhere in the world that people eat. They include Mexican wraps held together by tortillas of flour and corn, and Asian spring and egg rolls, the contents of which are ...

Don’t fear the zucchini

Behind the usual pleasantries, your neighbors are probing you for weakness, trying to decide who among you or your spouse would be most likely to break, and accept a bag-load. Gangs of farmhands will soon be roaming the streets, leaving ...

Considering weight loss surgery? BMC has you covered.

The Weight Loss Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center offers several procedures for managing weight and weight related health problems.

Garlic makes it good

Garlic season is upon us, which means that last year’s garlic will be on sale alongside the new crop. Don’t be fooled by a sale price; squeeze each head you buy. It should be as hard as a baseball. If ...

Baker’s reform proposals would make big change to MassHealth

Late-in-the-game proposals from Charlie Baker’s administration attempted to rein in state budget costs by reducing MassHealth enrollment eligibility.On Friday July 7, state lawmakers voted against the proposals reducing MassHealth eligibility for many families (as well as a proposal that would ...

Cullen Carter, MD, gives insight into the Weight Loss Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center

The Weight Loss Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center has been providing weight loss related services for 20+ years. As part of the surgical team, Dr. Carter gives insight into the program, and what patients considering weight loss surgery can ...

Recovery from addiction: One step at a time

When asked how long patients should remain on medications to treat addiction, “long enough” said Colleen LaBelle, R.N. La Belle is the director of the Office Based Addiction Treatment, or OBAT, at Boston Medical Center, home to the Grayken Center ...

Accidental addiction: Just one pill too many

All addiction is accidental, explained Dr. Zoe Weinstein, director of the Inpatient Addiction Medicine Consult Service at Boston Medical Center, home of the Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine. “No one intends to become physically dependent on a substance, and then ...

Partners Workforce Development Success Story: Jayniè Green, Partners eCare

From being down and out to pursuing training, getting hired, being promoted and receiving a Partners in Excellence Award, Jayniè continues to push herself every step of the way to become the best person she can be in all aspects ...

Note to adolescents: Drugs don’t make you cool

It’s hard to imagine that a 6-foot-5-inch high school basketball player is not fully developed. He might even still have an inch or two to go in height, but the maturation of the brain does not keep pace with the ...

In hushed tones

When asked during a recent interview the best way for the nation to combat the opioid epidemic, the response by Kate Walsh, the president and CEO of Boston Medical Center, was to the point. “Reduce the stigma,” she said. “We ...

May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Strokes are one of the leading causes of death in this country. Many cases are largely preventable by following a healthy lifestyle and properly managing high blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes.

Prostate cancer screening now recommended

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has updated its guidelines for prostate cancer screening. They now take the position that screening offers a small potential benefit of reducing the chance of dying of prostate cancer.

Pesticides in produce

Twelve products have made the annual list of “dirty dozen” produce. These fruits and veggies in particular contain high contents of residues from pesticides, according to a report by the Environmental Working Group.

Sodium: an essential mineral

The body cannot survive without sodium, but the typical American diet contains more sodium than the body can handle. High amounts of the mineral can lead to heart and kidney disease.