Roast with the most: Honey mustard elevates classic roast chicken

Honey and mustard make a classic combination: The sweetness of the honey combines beautifully with the tangy acidity of the mustard. And when roasted on top of chicken or pork, the honey mustard mellows and becomes just the right seasoning ...

Presto! It’s pesto! Go beyond basil with different herb combinations

Flavor-packed pestos pair with plenty beyond the usual pasta. And even better, they keep covered in the refrigerator up to four weeks or in the freezer for up to three months.

Pop of flavor! Root Beer Ribs get tender and sweet

Cooks discovered the benefits of cooking and baking with sodas years ago. Chocolate cake made with Coca-Cola is almost a staple in the South; 7Up appears in pound cake; Sprite forms the base for punches of all kinds; and Orange ...

In the Mix with Stephanie Million

Sometimes all you need is some inspiration on reviving your wardrobe and getting ready for the upcoming season. That’s when a fashion seminar on styling and managing your closet can be the most beneficial. On a late August Wednesday evening, ...

Berry nice

Berries combined with sugar and bread may seem peculiar to Americans. But English Summer Pudding is nothing short of brilliant. Fresh summer berries are warmed with sugar and water until they give up their glorious juice, then placed into a ...

Dining with royalty at the Queen’s Dinner — 8/18/16

On the evening of Thursday, Aug. 18, Queens Co. hosted the Queen’s dinner at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Boston. The Queens Co. is a network of ambitious women who seek to advance in their personal lives and careers.

BENT Friday: Spoken Word Edition + after party - 8/12

Ballot Entertainment (BENT) hosted BENT Friday: Spoken Word Edition + after party on August 12 at Wonder Bar in Allston. BENT is a New England company that specializes in event planning and they are known throughout Boston for hosting the ...

Second Annual Unapologetic: Audience Discretion is Advised event — 8/6/16

What’s better than going to a show and being unapologetic in that way that you express yourself? On August 6th, PROJECTPOETRY hosted their Second Annual Unapologetic: Audience Discretion is advised event Mc’d by me at the Dorchester Art Project on ...

Just peachy! Now’s the ripe time to try this crunchy, scrumptious dessert

With sweet, ripe, juicy peaches, less is more. Undoubtedly the best way to eat a ripe peach is standing over the kitchen sink with the juices running down your arms. But when you have guests and a bit more decorum ...

Season’s best

It’s tomato season — that time of year when the garden weighs heavily with fruit and farmers’ market tables teeter with piles of glorious sun-sweetened tomatoes. It’s impossible to resist plucking and popping the juicy fruit directly in the mouth.

Sauce shortcut! The homemade stuff can’t be beat

Despite the convenience of store-bought sauce, there is always the temptation to do a little tinkering. Here, a splash of dry red wine adds a depth to the sauce that only wine can provide. Use the recipe as a blueprint.

Red Carpets & Runways Fashion Show

When it comes to fashion, you no longer have to leave the city for inspiration! On Sunday, July 10, Red Carpets & Runways in collaboration with Event Envy hosted The Red Carpets & Runways Fashion Show at Lombardos.

Summer casserole

Are you overloaded with zucchini? If you have a backyard vegetable garden, you likely face the question every year: “What do I do with all these fruit?” And if you’re buying it at the market, it’s hard to resist the ...

Cold shrimp for hot days

Shrimp are ideal for the dog days of summer. They require a nanosecond of cooking and are great served chilled. Here, they elevate gazpacho to dinner-course level, providing simple and refreshing nourishment.

Mango Salad

Mangoes come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some are green; others are yellow. The kind you usually see in the supermarkets, which tend to be imported from Central America, have a rosy cast. Whatever the exterior color, ripe mangoes ...