Worth the wait! Spring vegetable an easy addition to finicky risotto

Making a pot of risotto requires practically all of your attention, but the effort and time are worth it. In addition to keeping the broth at a bare simmer, the rice needs almost nonstop stirring. At the beginning, all there ...

Bon appetit! French flair makes this salad a hearty meal

The French call this a salad; we call it dinner. Granted, we took some liberties with the traditional salad, adding potatoes to make it heartier. Use a sturdy lettuce. Slightly bitter greens, like frisée or romaine, play off the crisp ...

Over easy: Strata is a simple breakfast, brunch or dinner

Strata is a beautiful thing. Similar to a quiche, frittata and savory bread pudding, a strata is made by tossing bread with veggies, cheese and ham into a dish, covering all with eggs and milk, and baking until browned and ...

Shortcut Soup! Dried potatoes decrease cooking time for Scalloped Potato-Kale Soup

Potatoes have lots going for them — versatility, flavor and a surprising amount of nutrition — but short prep time isn’t on the list.

Fully loaded! Lighter ways to get your potato fix

Potatoes can be a delicious and nutritious side dish but they don't always have to be the same-old boiled, baked or mashed every day. Here are some recipes to add some zing to your potato craving!

Queen of tarts: Lemon Mousse Cheesecake tastes like springtime

Looking for a perfect dessert for your Easter dinner? Try this Lemon Mousse Cheesecake. It’s super-creamy and a bit tart and, topped with slices of fresh lemon, so very pretty.

Easy bake! Breadcrumbs, cauliflower liven up the pasta bake

This pasta bake with cauliflower is a dish to soothe the soul. The crunchy panko provides a great contrast with the tender cauliflower and pasta.

Creamy risotto takes concentration but the result is worth it

Making a pot of risotto requires practically all of your attention. In addition to keeping the broth at a bare simmer, the rice needs almost nonstop stirring. It’s not the kind of a dish you can cook in a hurry, ...

Flavorful florets! A recipe to make anyone eat their broccoli

Why is broccoli so thoroughly misunderstood? Mostly, bad preparation. If there’s one way to make a lifelong enemy of broccoli, it’s by cooking it into mushy, army-green oblivion — a sight many of us are still trying to erase from ...

Soup is love! Homemade tomato soup warms the soul

A container or two of comforting Creamy Tomato Soup, a loaf of bread and bag of salad — it’s dinner. This soup makes 10 cups, so you’ll have enough for a friend, with some leftover for you.

Classical flavor! A lighter Beef Bourguignon is just as sumptuous

To put a healthy spin on the Julia Child's classic recipe, we cut down on the beef, used lean beef and increased the veggies. Capturing the richness of the original, the recipe uses a beurre manié, a mixture of butter ...

Good & hearty! Braised chicken and vegetable peasant dishes use wholesome ingredients for wow

Peasant dishes, with their earthy, honest ingredients, now star in hip restaurants across the country, a testament to their lure and durability. Here’s a dish born out of a lean pantry. It’s perfect for adapting to what you have on ...

Potluck pasta! Baked Pasta with Sausage, Mushrooms and Fontina Cheese

The sausage-mushroom mixture can be made a day ahead and refrigerated in an airtight container. Rewarm over low heat before combining with the pasta.

Cool cakes! Impress your guests with an icebox variety

The transformation of a handful of ingredients into a no-cook, multi-layered confection that looks like something from a Viennese pastry kitchen seems almost miraculous. When you need a quick make-ahead dessert that’s light and cool and creamy and impressive, look ...

A grand granola gift

Looking for a quick gift from the kitchen? Homemade granola packaged in a half-pint milk bottle is just the ticket. The recipe is super easy to make, and it’s deliciously flavored with maple syrup and dried cranberries.