The Boston Black MBA Association’s Power of Self Workshop

Many young urban professionals find it difficult to climb the corporate ladder while staying true to themselves. They may feel they have to wear a set of masks in order to navigate through their personal and professional lives. “The Power ...

‘Transparent’ takes the stage

In between performances of her eclectic show at Club Passim last Wednesday evening, Faith Soloway chats with friends in the Cambridge alleyway where the arts venue lives. They discuss the energy of the performers and the supportive audience who came ...

Through the eyes of culture

Through September 30, Grand Circle Gallery in South Boston is showing “Through the Eyes of Culture — Masks from Around the World,” an in-depth exhibit feature masks, headdresses, and traditions from five continents. Divided by location (Americas, Asia and Oceania, ...

‘Don’t Think Twice’ goes behind-the-scenes in the world of improv

Set in New York City, Don’t Think Twice is a warm, funny, engaging and insightful look into the lives of six improv performers — Jack (Keegan-Michael Key of “Key & Peele”), Sam (Gillian Jacobs from HBO’s “Girls”), Allison (Kate Micucci ...

Dance the night away

Hernan Brizuela and Anita Flejter partnered with the Rose Kennedy Greenway to put on Tango in the Park, where they perform and provide lessons every Saturday from 6-9pm.

Drawn into the groove

Sunny and soulful, the music of Taj Mahal has aged well, like the man himself. Friday night, the singer-songwriter, now 74, brought his infectious, blues-rooted songs to the Cary Memorial Building in Lexington.

Rise above

Hundreds of members of the African American community gathered on the Rose Kennedy Greenway to celebrate their heritage. The African Festival of Boston is the biggest African festival in New England and aims not only to entertain, but also to ...

Legendary civil rights icon reflects upon past as prologue

Civil rights activist Joan Traumper Mulholland talks about “She Stood for Freedom,” an illustrated biography about her co-written by her son Loki and Angela Fairwell.

Summer Bliss 'The Hashtag Day Party'

On Saturday July 16, Events of Bliss (EOB) threw Summer Bliss “The Hashtag Day Party” at Monroe Patio & Restaurant, which was hosted by KOLS, a popular T-shirt fashion line out of Boston.

Red Carpets & Runways Fashion Show

When it comes to fashion, you no longer have to leave the city for inspiration! On Sunday, July 10, Red Carpets & Runways in collaboration with Event Envy hosted The Red Carpets & Runways Fashion Show at Lombardos.

#WhereToBe 7.29.16–8.4.16

Each Friday, Epicenter features a special “where to be” post on their blog to make sure every day of the week has some sort of cultural event to check out. We hope that you all can come out into the ...

Home is where the art is

In the MFA’s HOMiE: In Our Eyes exhibit, Boston Public School students who grew up venerating the institution have their work hanging on its walls.

Behind the lens

Known as a barrier-breaking abolitionist, freed slave, and a relentless fighter for human rights Frederick Douglass was a man in love with the camera, and emerged from the 19th century as the most photographed American of the time.

Festival Betances celebrates Latin American culture and community history

The history of Festival Betances is rooted in triumph against gentrification and displacement and has become a weekend event where multiple Latin nationalities come together and pay homage to the Puerto Rican activist, doctor, and intellectual, Ramón Emeterio Betances

Play me home

Guitarist Michael Gregory Jackson greets all of his audience members like old friends. He embraces a longtime fan and signs a record for him — one of his first albums. For such a talented musician, he’s humble, and even casual.