Ignorance is bliss — and other lies

Ignorance is a powerful weapon in an age where Donald Trump is a political frontrunner and internet comment sections are more crowded than Disney World. Lebanese artist Walid Raad confronts misguided conceptions of Arab nations in his exhibit at the ...

Anthony Weiner film plays at Kendall

Josh Kriegman, who served as Anthony Weiner’s chief of staff for two years when he was in Congress, knew that the former U.S. Representative would be a great subject for a documentary.

One-on-one with News One Now’s Roland Martin

In a career that includes print, radio, television, and digital, Roland S. Martin has continually pushed the envelope for excellence in journalism by asking the tough questions and pushing for answers, doing the research, and challenging those who simply throw ...

At Death’s Door

“In the Body of the World” incorporates Eve Ensler’s feminist beliefs, but it is mostly a story about cancer, a story about death. In a cruelly ironic twist, Ensler was diagnosed with uterine cancer after years of discussing female reproduction ...

WZBR 1410 AM is The Bass of Boston

The Bass is an adult contemporary radio station serving Greater Boston area.

A Q&A with Alonzo Bodden

Comedian Alonzo Bodden takes that angst and frustration many are feeling and repackages into a comedic set that makes one think and most important, that makes one laugh.

Jazzing up Friday night

The Makanda Project’s free jazz concerts are not just an evening of impeccably executed jazz, but also an opportunity to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Theater critics to present Norton Prize

Boston holds its own version of Broadway’s Tony Awards on Monday May 23 at 7 pm, when the Boston Theater Critics Association hosts its annual celebration of Boston’s live theater scene.

Two egos, one couch

Director Jim Petosa pulls off the impossible in Freud’s Last Session. With wit and humor, the play takes two of the 20th century’s greatest academic minds, Sigmund Freud and C.S. Lewis, and makes both the men and their philosophies accessible.

‘The Body Politic’

The Body Politic tells the story of Iphis, a transgender man, born as a girl in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and now living in present-day North Carolina. The subjects tackled by the play are of extreme relevance in the U.S.’s ongoing gender ...

Chained and shamed: Radcliffe Bailey’s contemporary take on the slave

Through a mix of sculpture, collage, and performance, Radcliffe Bailey revisits classic themes from African history through a contemporary lens. Bailey’s show at the Samson Project gallery radiates a fantastical quality that both softens and, by comparison, sharpens his critique ...

5 questions: Baron Vaughn

Comedian Baron Vaugh, a regular on Netflix’s ‘Grace and Frankie’ returns to Boston to perform stand-up.

Tyler James Williams talks about his new sci-fi series ‘RePlay’

Tyler James Williams talks about starring in RePlay, a scripted time-loop series from New Form Digital which debuted on April 20th.

‘TRI’ movie goes the distance

Jensen Jacobs was in Boston for the screening of “TRI,” the drama she stars in, at the Boston International Film Festival. She spoke to the Banner about tackling the role of Natalie, training for the film and why she’s inspired ...

The wizardry of Kimberly

Kimberly Conner talks about her new film, “Before ‘I Do,’" an ensemble drama which is set to premiere on April 30.