Political commentator Eboni K. Williams discusses the 2016 presidential election

Eboni K. Williams is a popular political and legal commentator shares her thoughts about the election of Donald Trump.

#WhereToBe — 12.2.16-12.8.16

Each Friday, Epicenter features a special “where to be” post on their blog to make sure every day of the week has some sort of cultural event to check out. We hope that you all can come out into the ...

BENT Friday ‘All Black Affair’

The holidays are the best time to reunite with your family and friends and celebrate life. Sometimes life gets so busy you forget about the moments that make it all worth it. It’s really about the times you spend together ...

Peabody Essex Museum presents closet staples as artwork

The vibrant, extensive exhibit looks at the creation and style of shoes from both design and historical perspectives. Many of the pieces reflect the use of clothing and footwear to restrict and control women; others reveal artistry often neglected in ...

Taking your tonic: MGH celebrates 15 years of therapeutic art

On November 17, the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center celebrated the 15th anniversary of their Illuminations program. The program organizes a rotating art installation in the center as well as an artist-in-residence program that bring live art making to patients. ...

‘Showin up and showin out’: Napoleon Jones-Henderson exhibit calls for compassion

Napoleon Jones-Henderson returns to Roxbury Community College with the exhibit “Showin Up and Showin Out: The Past, Present, and Future,” on view at the Resnikoff Gallery through November 30. Jones-Henderson is well-known for his sculptural installations of painted ceramic tiles. ...

Unfinished business: Kara Walker’s artwork deals with arenas of race, gender and identity

Renowned contemporary artist Kara Walker is known for elegant, provocative murals that employ hand-cut stencils to render the persistent legacy of slavery. She casts her silhouetted figures in violent or sexual scenes that evoke unfinished business in the arenas of ...

Play examines relationship of Mary Todd Lincoln, dressmaker

In Bad Habit Productions’ “How Soft the Lining,” a small but powerful cast explores the relationship between Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley, her dressmaker. In performance through November 20 at Calderwood Pavilion, Boston Center for the Arts, the show ...

Works of Doris Salcedo on view at Harvard Art Museums

In the wake of our own bruising election, it seems worth noting that the word “political” means power in a public sphere. In her works, Salcedo counters the annihilating force of political violence, which often mutes its victims, by making ...

Forest Whitaker stars in ‘Arrival’

Here, Whitaker talks about his latest outing as Colonel Weber opposite Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner in “Arrival,” an alien invasion adventure directed by Denis Villeneuve. He was in London on his way to South Africa after wrapping up his ...

#WhereToBe 11.18.16-11.24.16

Each Friday, Epicenter features a special “where to be” post on their blog to make sure every day of the week has some sort of cultural event to check out. We hope that you all can come out into the ...

‘Top Eye Open’ on stage at Hibernian Hall through Nov. 19

The play explores the Fugitive Slave Law through the story of the first man in Boston to be arrested under it.

Invite only: Robert Freeman’s paintings dissect a social world

Freeman’s oil painting depict a lighthearted social activities but with a darker edge to them. The works illuminate the dynamic of exclusion and inclusion between black and white social circles.

‘Father Joseph’ documentary highlights work of Haitian priest Father Joseph Philippe

Jeff Kaufman came to Boston recently to screen his documentary “Father Joseph” at The Boston Foundation in conjunction with The Haiti Development Institute, The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, and the Raising Haiti initiative on October 7.

Company One brings feminism to the stage with ‘Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.’

The non-narrative show ses vignettes of humans and surrealism to illustrate how women are oppressed daily in work, romantic relationships and family dynamics.