Eighty diverse performers take over Harvard Square for Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre’s Dance for World Community event

The all-day festival highlights the diversity of the Boston dance community with performances of dance styles from all over the world.Five stages hosted performances in and around the Sanctuary Theatre and the surrounding section of Massachusetts Avenue in Harvard Square.

Huntington Theatre production of 'Ripcord' on stage at Calderwood Pavilion through July 2

The fast-moving production delivers the simple plot with a touch of nuance and a bit of wisdom, along with a gleeful comic punch. A strong cast and terrific staging bring forth the story of two roommates locked in combat over ...

Win tickets to see Bring it Live! at Boch Center July 15

BRING IT! LIVE SUMMER 2017 Over 70,000 enthusiastic fans celebrated “Bring It! Live” during the sold-out 2016 tour. Summer 2017 brings a NEW tour with hotter-than-ever, never-before-seen routines featuring Miss D and fan favorites from the Dancing Dolls. Don’t miss ...

Desperate survivors lead spartan existence in ‘It Comes at Night’

Paul (Joel Edgerton) found a safe refuge for his family far from the rest of humanity in the wake of a deadly plague that’s been decimating the planet. At least that’s what he thought about their remote hideout until his ...

Documenta 14 exhibits create political dialogue between Greece, Germany

On a hilltop overlooking the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, a tent stands in a clearing among olive trees. Its folds mimic the gentle draping of heavy fabric, and its wide door invites a visitor to enter and enjoy an eye-level ...

Mass Poetry installs latest sidewalk poems

They say when it rains it pours, and in Boston it pours poetry. The Mass Poetry Project, a non-profit fostering poetry writing and appreciation, has installed the 2017 editions of “Raining Poetry” in collaboration with the City of Boston. The ...

The Roxbury International Film Festival opens June 22

The 19th annual Roxbury International Film Festival will screen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from June 22-July 1. RoxFilm is the largest New England festival dedicated to celebrating films by and for people of color. The pieces cover ...

5 questions: QUIÑ

Emerging artist QUIÑ recently performed at SXSW Fader Fort and earlier this year debuted her video for “MATH.” The soft-spoken singer with power pipes is creating her own sound on her own terms.

‘From the Inside Out’: Artists and the ACLU join forces to fight mass incarceration

The event at Black Market in Roxbury was an unforgettable celebration of community and artistic spirit, and featured speeches on how to reform the criminal justice system to end mass incarceration.

Recluse comes to regret bringing good samaritan home in ‘Black Butterfly’

“Black Butterfly” is an English-language remake of French film “Papillon Noir” (2008). Directed by Brian Goodman, this compelling suspense thriller slowly ratchets up the tension only to unravel during the denouement thanks to a humdinger of a twist.

When Construction Comes: Cooper Gallery exhibit highlights Harlem gentrification

Bey’s exhibit features two photo series created 40 years apart and highlights the change in Harlem’s identity as a famed black culture capital.

Isolated teen falls for her next-door neighbor in ‘Everything, Everything’

Maddy Whittier’s been stuck inside a hermetically-sealed house since being diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 3, shortly after her father and brother’s untimely deaths in a terrible car crash.

Know your spinach: Find the best of the bunch

Spinach, the meatiest of vegetables, is finally in season. The fleshy leaves of spring spinach are juicy with a potent green serum that’s high in iron and exceptionally rich in chlorophyll, which is a close chemical relative to hemoglobin, the ...

Actress Amandla Stenberg discusses ‘Everything’

Award-winning teen actress and musician Amandla Stenberg talks about her latest role as co-star of the movie Everything, Everything.

‘Arrabal’ tackles a dictatorship through the art of tango

A narrative performance told through tango, the show follows young Arrabal whose father was captured and killed during the dictatorship of General Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina. In a search to find herself and understand her past, Arrabal ends up ...