‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ offers hope, possible solutions to climate crisis

The dramatic follow-up on “An Inconvenient Truth” follows former Vice President Al Gore as he crisscrosses the globe, training an army of climate champions.

Beauty herself is black: A diverse cast joins the Bard for ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Brandon Green, the production’s Benvolio, says he hopes having more black actors on stage will bring a new layer of gravity to the work.

Pickling primer: Take a deeper dive into preserving ripe produce

Pickling can happen any time there are ripe veggies for the picking. Today we sit squarely in the cucumber times, which last all summer long. Beans are upon us, too. Soon it will be time for pickling small batches of ...

Melissa Etheridge, Joss Stone electrify audience at 38th annual Montreal International Jazz Festival

Etheridge, who hadn’t performed at the Montreal International Jazz festival in 28 years, more than made up for the lost time during her electrifying nearly two-hour performance.

Jorge Arce brings back Bomba traditions at Festival Betances

Arce is known for championing the Afro-Caribbean beats of Bomba and Plena music. While many of the festival’s performances featured contemporary music styles, Arce got the crowd’s hips shaking with traditional tunes.

Immigration Nation

Students, artists and community members created over 400 hand-painted suitcases for Nora Valdez’s “Immigration Nation” exhibit at Urbano Project. On display through July 29, the tactile, sculptural installation confronts the struggle of immigrants to find identity and acceptance in the ...

Can-do attitude: Put cucumber harvest to use as pickles

Spring is the time for planting. Autumn is when we put things in jars. So goes the conventional wisdom, anyway. But the reality is, one can surely plant after the summer solstice has passed, and pecks of pickles can be ...

Frederick Douglass readings take place across Massachusetts on July 4

In a time when the meaning and value of being American is daily questioned, Douglass’ words are more relevant than ever.

Brushstrokes behind bars: Muralist works with and for incarcerated women

The temporary mural, up until October 2018, is being created in partnership with the women of the McGrath House, a reentry facility where incarcerated women serve the final six months of their prison sentences. In this way, the creation of ...

Go your own way: ‘Bring It! Live’ espouses technique, confidence

Dianna Williams has been dancing since she was four, but for her, the troupe isn’t just about learning the majorette skills. “I think it’s important that young girls feel like they have control over their destiny,” she says. Williams used ...

A good vinaigrette is the key to great greens

When it comes to eating healthy, the importance of a good vinaigrette cannot be overstated. Among the many competing nutritional paradigms to believe, raw leaves are never shunned.

5 questions: Keith Hamilton Cobb

The 85-minute solo play, written and performed by Keith Hamilton Cobb, American Moor examines the experience and perspective of black men in America through the metaphor of William Shakespeare’s character, Othello.

Triggered: One-man show reveals reality of abuse

On July 20, actor and filmmaker Keith Mascoll will host a live rehearsal of his latest project, “Triggered,” at the Dudley Public Library. The one-man show starring Mascoll and directed by John Oluwole ADEkoje, discusses the experience of black men ...

The Venice Biennale art show on view through Nov. 26

Utopias, dreams, losses, memories and hard truths all have a place in the carnival midway that is the Venice Biennale, which every two years for more than a century has turned its host city on the Adriatic into a showcase ...

Historical drama recreates attempt to assassinate Hitler

The film details the first of what would be dozens of different attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Georg Elser’s attempt with a homemade time bomb missed the mark by 13 minutes.