Recluse comes to regret bringing good samaritan home in ‘Black Butterfly’

“Black Butterfly” is an English-language remake of French film “Papillon Noir” (2008). Directed by Brian Goodman, this compelling suspense thriller slowly ratchets up the tension only to unravel during the denouement thanks to a humdinger of a twist.

When Construction Comes: Cooper Gallery exhibit highlights Harlem gentrification

Bey’s exhibit features two photo series created 40 years apart and highlights the change in Harlem’s identity as a famed black culture capital.

Isolated teen falls for her next-door neighbor in ‘Everything, Everything’

Maddy Whittier’s been stuck inside a hermetically-sealed house since being diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 3, shortly after her father and brother’s untimely deaths in a terrible car crash.

Know your spinach: Find the best of the bunch

Spinach, the meatiest of vegetables, is finally in season. The fleshy leaves of spring spinach are juicy with a potent green serum that’s high in iron and exceptionally rich in chlorophyll, which is a close chemical relative to hemoglobin, the ...

Actress Amandla Stenberg discusses ‘Everything’

Award-winning teen actress and musician Amandla Stenberg talks about her latest role as co-star of the movie Everything, Everything.

‘Arrabal’ tackles a dictatorship through the art of tango

A narrative performance told through tango, the show follows young Arrabal whose father was captured and killed during the dictatorship of General Jorge Rafael Videla in Argentina. In a search to find herself and understand her past, Arrabal ends up ...

Roanoke, Virginia offers a Vibrant Culture scene

Though touted for natural beauty and relics of the Civil War, the city holds a hidden trove of African American culture. The Harrison Museum of African American History focuses on the empowerment of contemporary ethnic communities throughout history, and a ...

Eboni K. Williams weighs in on her new show and turmoil at Fox

Williams joined the Fox News Network in September 2015 after serving as a CBS New correspondent, talk radio costs, HLN contributor and public defender, among other roles. Here she talks about her new series, “The Fox News Specialists,” co-hosted by ...

Triple threat: Asparagus, Hollandaise, seafood is pure decadence

Steak Oscar, if you’ve never had the pleasure, is a filet mignon dressed up as a sort of surf ‘n’ turf eggs Benedict, and there are competing theories over which Oscar deserves credit for this brilliance. The two finalists are ...

Dancer and actor Dulé Hill stars in ‘Sleight’

Dulé Hill talks about his new movie, an action thriller about a street magician who starts dealing drugs to raise their sister after the death of their mom.

Border hopping: Artist Alida Cervantes confronts Mexico’s past and present

Many pieces include one nude figure confronted by or juxtaposed next to a clothed one, begging the question, who has the control? Gender isn’t the only factor at play; race and class are also components in the dance for social ...

Addison Gallery uses Civil Rights images to inspire young social advocates in ‘Respect Existence or Expect Resistance’

In a moment when the value of the media is hotly debated, the exhibit also serves as a reminder of how important image-makers and storytellers are to the preservation of history.

Praxis Stage delivers sharp play on incarceration in ‘Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train’

The show, playing at the Dorchester Arts Project, centers on Angel Cruz, a Puerto Rican man on trial for the murder of a cult-leading Korean Reverend. A devout serial killer, his unstable lawyer and two prison guards with radically different ...

Making yolks: For best results, fresh eggs need a little care

Freshly laid eggs will elevate any egg-based dish, but the best way to appreciate a quality egg is going to be the simplest. For me, it’s all about the yolk, so I take mine soft-boiled.

Gilgamesh Taggett stars in national tour of ‘Annie’

At the age of 45, Taggett was cast as Oliver Warbucks in the national touring production of the musical “Annie,” and according to him, it was worth the wait. Despite taking place during the Great Depression,"Annie" continues to resonate with ...