Independent film highlights humor, activism in ‘Tickling Giants’

Bassem Youssef, a surgeon in Egypt noticed during the 2011 protests of President Hosni Mubarak that the content on the news didn’t reflect what he saw on the streets. He began an internet show shedding satire and light on the ...

Christal Brown production showcases Muhammad Ali

The all-male “Opulence of Integrity” gives “a kaleidoscope view of what black masculinity means,” Brown says.

‘Life’ an outer space screamfest

The ship's crew in "Life" finds themselves in a desperate race against time to return to Earth before the mushrooming monster devours them all, one-by-one.

Jose Mateo tackles taboo conversation of race in dance

On Sunday, March 19, the Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre hosted its third “Talk About Dance” panel discussion in a series that focuses on race and racism in the dance community. Moderated by Klare Shaw, national director of programs at Liberty ...

Toshi Reagon’s operatic novel adaptation hits stage

Through March 26, ArtsEmerson presents a powerful musical rendition of Octavia E. Butler’s science fiction novel, “Parable of the Sower.” Written by Toshi Reagon and her mother, singer, scholar and activist Bernice Johnson Reagon, the performance explores race, gender and ...

Suzan-Lori Parks’ play, ‘Topdog/Underdog,’ delivers tough truths

In her brilliant, Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Parks creates two characters that have been dealt a poor hand. She turns three-card monte into a metaphor for the struggle of Booth and his older brother, Lincoln, for power and self-esteem. It is ...

Feminist posters tout equality

“Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” on display at Northeastern’s 360 Gallery through April 17, provides a heart-wrenching look at present-day gender politics. The 44-poster exhibit, curated by Elizabeth Resnick, professor emerita of graphic design at the Massachusetts College of Art ...

‘Precious Little’ combines drama and droll humor

Madeleine George’s beautifully written play combines droll humor and drama as it follows Brodie into new, uncharted terrain of the heart.

Berklee pays tribute to black artists

Drawn mostly from the last half century, the program highlighted artists like Morris Hayes, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, who paved the way for new genres and sounds.

Star-studded: ‘Family’ exhibit celebrates black tenacity

Giovanni DeCunto’s crafts his portraits of African American icons with a fascinating blend of techniques.

Pho: Perfecting the Vietnamese comfort food

If you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the ocean for the last decade, you might – might – have missed the ascendency of pho, Vietnam’s internationally beloved comfort food. The steaming meal is both soup and ...

‘Grand Concourse’ characters embody the human condition

Four soup kitchen workers test, tempt and care for each other in a play that questions what it takes to lead a good life.

Photographer Linda Nieves-Powell portrays Afro-Latina legends

Nieves-Powell’s photos recreate iconic images of Afro-Latina trailblazers, highlighting the talent and heroism of these performers for the next generation.

Cocoa pronto: Late-night sweet tooth leads to chocolate hack

This is the time of year when we eat more chocolate than usual. The winter season sets the tone for hot cocoa consumption, and Americans consume 58 million pounds of bittersweet darkness on and around Valentine’s Day — about 5 ...

David Oyelowo stars in ‘A United Kingdom’

Oyelow’s latest role is an African king who falls for a British commoner in “A United Kingdom.”