Steve McQueen’s ‘Ashes’ haunts Institute of Contemporary Art

The stunning visual exploration follows the life of a carefree young fisherman named Ashes and the unexpected and jarring fate that awaits him. McQueen layers the film with commentary on globalism, the economy and the way bodies can be defined ...

Temperamental teacher challenges nerdy colleague to duel in ‘Fist Fight’

Fist Fight is a kitchen sink comedy that revolves around the showdown between a high school’s intimidating history teacher and nerdy English teacher.

‘Black Is’ booklist provides cultural, political history

The Boston Public Library’s Black Is Book list reflects a collection of influential works by black authors that represent black history and experience of the past year. This year’s list is a blend of pop culture and politics and features ...

PBS’ ‘American Masters’ series broadcasts revealing retrospective about Maya Angelou

“And Still I Rise” is a reverential retrospective offering an intimate look at the life of the late poet, author, actress, director and civil rights activist and her unlikely path from abandoned street urchin to poet laureate.

Aisha Hinds finds Tubman a spiritual calling in 'Underground'

Actor Aisha Hinds talks about playing American icon Harriet Tubman on “Underground,” a docudrama about the Underground railroad and her role as Pastor Janae James on “Shots Fired” a debuting TV series.

Cambridge Jazz Festival celebrates Johnny Hodges

The Cambridge Jazz Festival will feature vocalist Gabrielle Goodman with saxophonist Walter Beasley in a tribute to Cambridge native Johnny Hodges. The tribute is a nod not only to black artists but to the history of African American art in ...

Portraits of Purpose photo exhibit highlights black leaders

The dynamic photo exhibition depicts black political leaders, performers and other people of color in positive situations and relationships and highlights the grit, humility and success of the community.

Documentary fleshes out James Baldwin’s unfinished ‘Remember This House’

When novelist/social critic James Baldwin passed away in 1987, he left behind an unfinished opus entitled “Remember This House.” The 30-page manuscript assessed the plight of African Americans in the United States while specifically reflecting upon the assassinations of three ...

That’s a wrap: Middling meat becomes succulent in tin foil

We like our meat tender, and we like our meat juicy. And we like it easy to prepare, too. If you’ve got the money for steak, then just don’t overcook it, and you will have soft and juicy, with ease. ...

Jimmy Tingle pulled no punches on Trump during stand-up routine

Stand-up comedy, social justice and politics mingled in a tasty brew last Friday night at Sanders Theatre in Harvard Square, where renowned Cambridge-born comic Jimmy Tingle presented his one-man show, “Humor for Humanity: Jimmy Tingle in the age of Trump.”

Dorchester's Design Studio for Social Intervention provides artistic healing to battered community

The Dorchester Arts Collaborative pulsed with laughter, energy and life last Saturday, Feb. 4. It was the second of two weekends during which the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), hosted their Social Emergency Response Center project. The SERC drew ...

Diago exhibit at the Cooper Gallery rewrites Afro-Cuban history

Through May 5 at the Cooper Gallery, “Diago: The Pasts of This Afro-Cuban Present” confronts the Cuban racial narrative, rewriting history to include the slavery and shame the country has tried to forget. This is artist Juan Roberto Diago’s first ...

Company One Theatre’s ‘REALLY’ confronts grief, relationships

In the intimate, touching play, a mother and girlfriend struggle to come to terms with the death of a young photographer.

California stroll: Santa Barbara dining experience lets you shop with the chefs

It’s mid-afternoon as I descend the hill where the glamorous Belmond El Encanto (Spanish for “charmed”) hotel is perched in Santa Barbara, California. Downtown on State Street tents line the area, each selling produce, cheese and wares both familiar and ...

‘Trans Scripts’ stage play tells empowering, human stories

The 90-minute show follows the story of seven transgender women of different nationalities and histories in a play that explores not only what it is like to change genders, but what it’s like to search for identity, and to grow ...