Tabbouleh is bursting with flavor

When I used to frequent the IHOP and other such establishments with my homies, I would raise eyebrows by eating the parsley that garnished my sandwich or pancakes. Not the delicate flat-leafed parsley, mind you, but the curly kind that ...

Indian immigrant opts for love in "The Tiger Hunter"

In this charming romantic comedy Sami Malik wants only wants two things out of life: a successful career and to tie the knot with his childhood friend, Ruby. Trouble is, it’s India in 1979, when most marriages are still arranged ...

Kalimah Muhammad’s sculptures follow the path of self-discovery

Muhammad’s work, though physically small and minimalistic in design, is astoundingly expressive. No sculptures reach taller than a foot high, and yet they represent giants of emotion, reaching endlessly towards salvation.

Haitian painter/designer Colette Brésilla discusses her work as a feminine artist

The Haitian artist has created numerous thought-provoking, bold, provocative and colorful paintings. Her artwork has been showcased extensively in numerous American and international institutions, including galleries, museums and universities and are housed in a variety of permanent corporate and private ...

SpeakEasy Stage rewrites history with gender-bending "Men on Boats"

In 1869 explorer John Wesley Powell set out with a small crew of white men to chart the Grand Canyon. SpeakEasy Stage has taken that whitewashed history and turned it on its head with “Men on Boats,” a roaring romp ...

Interactive MIT exhibit asks students what they leave behind

Hamilton has set up stations in the lobby of the List Center with pieces of colored vellum and transparent boxes. Guests are encouraged to write what they leave behind at MIT on the paper, put it in a box and ...

Jugglers, acrobats to gather at MIT

The largest gathering of jugglers in the region, JuggleMIT offers a weekend of family-friendly events, including more than 30 workshops for all, from novices to pros, as well as two evening shows showcasing top local and international performers.

First African American stars as ‘Phantom’

Derrick Davis, who studied opera in college, is the first African American to play the legendary character on tour, and the third within the entire production, including Broadway.

Visual Virtuoso

“Richard Yarde: Portraits” is an intimate but dynamic exhibit of works by the Roxbury native and UMass teacher, who is known for his prolific, and expert, work of watercolor.

Élodie Yung stars in ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ and ‘The Defenders’

Élodie talks about her role as Elektra in the new Netflix series The Defenders and as Interpol Agent Amelia Roussel in her latest film, "The Hitman's Bodyguard."

Philip Ng stars in ‘Birth of the Dragon’

Martial arts master and television and film actor, action director and fight choreographer Philip Ng talks about making his North American film debut as Bruce Lee in "Birth of the Dragon."

In the news: Omar Hakim

Omar Hakim, a master drummer who played on countless hits, from David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” has been named the new Chair of the Percussion Department at Berklee College of Music.

Unconditional Love

"Unconditional Love" follows a black gay couple and their best friend as they navigate the challenges of youth, relationships and faith. The show's producer, a Dorchester native, said he wanted to illustrate the difficulties of marginalized groups on the main ...

Renovating Uncle Tom’s Cabin

“Ife Franklin’s Indigo Project #4: Slave Cabin, Praise House and Ring Shout” is open on Franklin Park, 1 Circuit Drive for Sept. 10-15. It’s a fully three-dimensional structure, made with fabrics dyed with traditional indigo processes.

The summer flavors of the picturesque state of Utah

Summertime in Utah is when snow fanatics disband and the weather seduces kayakers, mountain bikers, hikers and glamping enthusiasts.