African American teen adjusts to Germany in bittersweet coming-of-age dramedy

Morris From America is a poignant bildungsroman about a lonely 13-year-old mourning the loss of his late mother and struggling to adjust to life in Germany.

Berry nice

Berries combined with sugar and bread may seem peculiar to Americans. But English Summer Pudding is nothing short of brilliant. Fresh summer berries are warmed with sugar and water until they give up their glorious juice, then placed into a ...

Dining with royalty at the Queen’s Dinner — 8/18/16

On the evening of Thursday, Aug. 18, Queens Co. hosted the Queen’s dinner at Savvor Restaurant and Lounge in downtown Boston. The Queens Co. is a network of ambitious women who seek to advance in their personal lives and careers.

Blood & beauty

The exhibit, featuring more than 150 pieces from a variety of locations, cultures and time periods, raises questions about a warrior’s drive to make weapons beautiful and our our own glorification of violence.

Walk in our shoes

Guided by rangers from the National Park Service Boston African American National Historic Site (BOAF), the tour winds through Beacon Hill, stopping at spots of historical significance in the fight for racial equality.

BENT Friday: Spoken Word Edition + after party - 8/12

Ballot Entertainment (BENT) hosted BENT Friday: Spoken Word Edition + after party on August 12 at Wonder Bar in Allston. BENT is a New England company that specializes in event planning and they are known throughout Boston for hosting the ...

#WhereToBe 8.26.16-9.1.16

Each Friday, Epicenter features a special “where to be” post on their blog to make sure every day of the week has some sort of cultural event to check out. We hope that you all can come out into the ...

Second Annual Unapologetic: Audience Discretion is Advised event — 8/6/16

What’s better than going to a show and being unapologetic in that way that you express yourself? On August 6th, PROJECTPOETRY hosted their Second Annual Unapologetic: Audience Discretion is advised event Mc’d by me at the Dorchester Art Project on ...

All hail the Queen

Performing a career-spanning set of hits with power and joy, Aretha Franklin held her audience in thrall.

Play on: Dudley Jazz Festival debuts this week

Organized by Fred Woodward, lead performer of The Fred Woodard Collective, the festival is free and open to all and promises an evening of skillful jazz from local musicians.

Just peachy! Now’s the ripe time to try this crunchy, scrumptious dessert

With sweet, ripe, juicy peaches, less is more. Undoubtedly the best way to eat a ripe peach is standing over the kitchen sink with the juices running down your arms. But when you have guests and a bit more decorum ...

5 Questions: George Clinton

George Clinton revolutionized R&B during the ’70s, twisting soul music into funk by adding influences from several late-’60s acid heroes.

Hope, love & faith

“Della Robbia: Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence” is the first major U.S. offering dedicated to the story of the Florentine family’s glazed terracotta sculptures and includes major loans from Italy never before shown here.

Bourne is back

A Jason Bourne movie just isn't the same without Jason Bourne, as the producers found out the hard way in 2012 when they made “The Bourne Legacy” without the iconic title character. Fortunately, they've since settled their differences with star ...

Season’s best

It’s tomato season — that time of year when the garden weighs heavily with fruit and farmers’ market tables teeter with piles of glorious sun-sweetened tomatoes. It’s impossible to resist plucking and popping the juicy fruit directly in the mouth.