Ketogenic eating

After a lifetime of making dietary choices by gut instinct, I recently embarked on my first real diet. I’m gunning for my visceral belly fat, the insidious deposits that lurk between your internal organs — or sometimes in them or ...

BMI does not tell the whole story

Postmenopausal women who carry too much body fat may be at risk for invasive breast cancer, even if their BMI is within normal limits.

Prevalence of obesity: An upward curve

Obesity is a major risk factor for the incidence of many illnesses, including cancer and heart disease, the two leading causes of death in this country.

Life expectancy takes another dip

Life expectancy in the U.S. population had a decrease of 0.1 year between 2015 and 2016, according to a data brief by the National Center for Health Statistics. You might say that’s not significant and too minor to even mention. ...

Boston public schools: an asthma-friendly school district

School nurses see their fair share of asthma. “In 2015-16, we had 10,724 patients with a documented diagnosis of asthma,” explained Patricia Kenney, nurse liaison for Children with Special Health Care Needs in the Boston Public Schools That amounts to ...

Mold: a common asthma trigger

Mold is a trigger for many people with asthma. It is possible to prevent mold or eradicate it if it forms.

Severe persistent asthma

Asthma ranges in severity from periodic to severe persistent. However, even persistent asthma can be controlled with medication and avoidance of triggers.

Exercise: both trigger and treatment for asthma

Swimming is one of the best exercises for those with asthma. The wetness and warmth of the water can reduce the risk of an attack.

Healthy eating: an integral part of asthma treatment

Although there is no particular diet a person with asthma must follow, a healthy eating plan of whole foods and healthy fats are recommended for overall good health.

The key to asthma control

A recent study found that one third of people with asthma did not correctly use their inhalers. Errors in administration of asthma medication is one of the major causes of poor control.

Triggers: Hiding in plain sight

Triggers are substances that increase the risk of asthma flare-ups. They differ from person to person and in intensity.

40 is the new 30: Except when it comes to your breasts.

Mammograms save lives. Gregg Miller, MD, Section Chief, Breast Imaging, Boston Medical Center,Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Boston University discusses the importance of yearly mammograms.

Asthma: A fight for breath

It is estimated that 25 million people in this country have asthma. Although it is a very serious disease, it can often be well-controlled.

Considering weight loss surgery? BMC has you covered.

The Weight Loss Surgery Program at Boston Medical Center offers several procedures for managing weight and weight related health problems.

Exercise and high cholesterol

Regular exercise can not only prevent high cholesterol, it can often lower it. Thirty minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a day for five days a week is recommended.