Programs that help women business owners expand their opportunities

Women-owned businesses are on the rise — most accounts find they make up about 30 percent of all privately held firms in the U.S. — but there is concern that many of these business top out early.

Diversity - No longer a feel-good tactic

There was a time when diversity in the workplace was at best an afterthought and at worst, little more than a feel-good tactic. Today there’s a growing awareness that diversity is a business imperative. It is critical for a company’s ...

Lusterity — a one-stop-shop for socially conscious celebrations

Lusterity is a one-stop shop for socially conscious celebrations founded by co-founders Sierra Rothberg and Marie Zemler Wu who were first brought together to lead their children’s public school 375th birthday celebration. They have taken their ideas from concept to ...

Geeta Aiyer: A life of integrity

"Business and finance have a stake in maintaining great community environments,” Geeta Aiyer said during a recent conversation about bridging the equity gap. Aiyer, founder and president of Boston Common Asset Management, oversees more than $2 billion on behalf of ...

Sen. Warren stands up for working women

Tackling questions about federal issues important to women in the workforce, Warren outlines some of the legislative initiatives in Washington aimed at leveling the gender playing field, particularly for women in low-income jobs.

The Holyoke Innovation District finds creative solutions to revitalizing the city

While Boston’s Seaport Innovation District has garnered praise and attention, the efforts in Holyoke to revitalize vacant mill and factory sections of the city with new businesses and spur economic growth has been steadily and successfully moving forward for more ...

Founder of MassInno, Bobbie Carlton launches Innovation Women

Innovation Women, a new online speaker’s bureau for women, is guided by a simple yet powerful principle: “Visibility Equals Opportunity.”

Kelley Chunn and Geri Denterlein team up for success

Two Boston women who left high-profile positions in broadcasting to launch public relations businesses have formed a successful uptown-downtown partnership to secure new clients and enhance their services.

Lifestyle company, Kyu Melange is fashion with a progressive element

In August 2013, Gibson founded Kyu Mélange (pronounced Q-Mey-Longe), which is a “purpose driven fashion and lifestyle company” offering multi-functional, hand-crafted, unisex leather bags, clutches and accessories, sourced from around the globe. (“Kyu” means “progress” in Japanese and “mélange” means ...

Filmmaker Tracy Heather Strain telling the untold stories

Tracy Heather Strain backed her way into working on films and forming her own company to produce documentaries, The Film Posse, which is based in the Fort Point Channel area.

Passing in reverse?

If you can see past Rachel Dolezal’s tanned skin, darkened and tightly curled hair and claims of black ancestry and acts of cultural and political appropriation, her status as an erstwhile African American might perhaps be taken as a measure ...

Express yourself

For almost 25 years, Artists for Humanity (AFH) has led the way in empowering and employing Boston teens (between the ages of 14 and 18) by offering a platform to express themselves via an intensive program of arts, creativity and ...

Empowering the next generation

Founded in 2003 by Denise Korn, Youth Design’s mission is “to empower talented urban youth to pursue higher education and a promising career by engaging the professional design community to mentor, educate, train and employ the next generation.”

Merging arenas

David Beckham. Russell Westbrook. Cristiano Ronaldo. What do they have in common? Not only are they all respected and talented athletes but all three have entered into the highly competitive world of fashion with their own clothing lines, endorsement deals ...

Sobering statistics on diversity

The latest diversity scorecard from The American Lawyer, published last May, showed that the already low numbers of African American partners at large law firms nationwide further decreased.