Jeff Sessions perverts American justice

Elizabeth Warren | 2/22/2018, 6 a.m.

Coretta Scott King’s words about Jeff Sessions were true in 1986, they were true a year ago and they remain true today. On Sessions’ watch, the Justice Department has promoted voter suppression. On his watch, the Justice Department has endorsed discrimination. On his watch, the Justice Department has reversed efforts to reform our broken criminal justice system. And on his watch, the Justice Department has led an all-out, bigotry-fueled attack on immigrants and refugees.

Jeff Sessions, President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress seem to think they can stoke the fires of hatred and division without being consumed by them. And maybe they can, for a time. But people are resisting and persisting.

States and cities are stepping up to defend civil rights under assault by the federal government. People are showing up in the streets, in the airports, in the courtrooms, and even at the polls to hold this government accountable. And we will continue to show up to fight for fairness, for equality, for liberty and justice for all.

Republicans tried to silence Coretta Scott King for speaking the truth in 1986. They tried to silence me for reading Mrs. King’s words on the Senate floor in 2017. They’ve tried to silence all of us from speaking out. But instead of shutting us up, they’ve made us louder.

Warn us. Give us explanations. Nevertheless, we will persist — and we will win.

Elected in 2012, Elizabeth Warren serves as U.S. senator from Massachusetts.