Martin Luther King’s fight for justice continues as we heed the call to act

Elizabeth Warren | 4/12/2018, 6 a.m.

We will fight to end voter suppression. We will fight for working families — to make childcare available, to make college affordable, to increase the minimum wage, to lower health care costs, and to fight back against big banks that prey on their customers. We will fight to end the epidemic of mass incarceration that destroys people, families, and communities, and we will demand equal justice for all. We will fight to protect the lives of 800,000 Dreamers and hundreds of thousands more from Haiti and El Salvador and Nicaragua with Temporary Protected Status.

We will say, loud and clear, that black lives matter. And when a racist bully talks about people who march with white supremacists and Nazis as “very fine people,” we will fight back. When he refers to countries in Africa with disgusting language, we will fight back. And when he uses hateful rhetoric to push discrimination in America — you better believe we will fight back.

We will fight for justice, for opportunity, for equality for all.

It is up to us to answer Dr. King’s charge to make the American Dream a reality, to make real the promises of democracy, to take back our country.

Not just for wealthy and the powerful, but for all people, for the least of these.

Elected in 2012, Elizabeth Warren serves as U.S. senator from Massachusetts.