The GOP’s never-ending Judge Moore problem

11/16/2017, 6 a.m.

Moore himself is a near textbook example of that. He has virtually told GOP leaders to stuff it. He will not step down. He has legions of local GOP operatives and party officials in Alabama and in other parts who passionately defend him, and finger point the usual suspects: Obama, Clinton, the liberal media, and put-up vengeful women out to torpedo the candidacy of a staunch conservative.

GOP Senate leaders are indignant and rage at Moore because he’s a huge political albatross. They are stone silent, though, about how the Moores of the present and past have been so pervasive a fixture in the GOP. And worse, how GOP elected officials have led the charge against such things as transgender bathrooms and pornography, while themselves being outed for fetishes with pornography and child sex.

The beauty of the Moore flap beyond making the GOP squirm in trying to cut and run from another alleged sexual deviant in its ranks is that it exposes a political vulnerability of the GOP. That’s important in the next round of GOP initiated culture wars over abortion, transgender bathrooms, and strengthening LGBT protections.

Whether the Democrats chose to make an issue over the Moores in the GOP or not is less important than the fact that the GOP beyond scrambling to protect its political turf has no answer for them. And Moore and the Moores in the GOP will always take great comfort in that.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.