MPA CONTRACT NO. L1540 D1 – Piers Park Phase II, East Boston

5/10/2017, 1:29 p.m.



The MASSACHUSETTS PORT AUTHORITY (Authority) is soliciting consulting services for MPA CONTRACT NO. L1540 D1 – Piers Park Phase II, East Boston, Massachusetts. The Authority is seeking qualified multidiscipline consulting firm or team, with proven experience to provide professional services in several disciplines including but not limited to Civil, Waterfront Structural Design, Geotechnical, Community Participation, Environmental, Permitting, Landscaping Architectural, Building Architectural, Building Structural/Mechanical/Electrical HVAC/Fire Protection, Cost Estimating. Services to be provided include permitting, preliminary design, final design, community engagement, bid phase and construction phase services and resident engineering services.

The Consultant must be able to work closely with the Authority, the East Boston Project Advisory Committee (Piers PAC)and other interested parties in order to provide such services in a timely and effective manner.

The contract will be work order based, and Consultant’s fee for each work order shall be negotiated; however, the total fee for the contract shall not exceed $1,500,000.

A Supplemental Information Package will be available, on May 10, 2017 on the Capital Bid Opportunities webpage of Massport http://www.massport.com/doing-business/_layouts/CapitalPrograms/default.aspx as an attachment to the original Legal Notice, and on COMMBUYS (www.commbuys.com) in the listings for this project. If you have problems finding it, please contact Susan Brace at Capital Programs SBrace@massport.com The Supplemental Information Package will provide detailed information about Scope Of Work, Selection Criteria and Submission Requirements.

In recognition of the unique nature of the project and the services required to support it, the Authority has scheduled a Consultant Briefing to be held at 2 PM on May 16, 2017 in the Bid Room at the Capital Programs Department, Suite 209S, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, East Boston, Massachusetts 02128. At this session, an overview of the project will be provided, the services requested by the Authority will be described, and questions will be answered.

By responding to this solicitation, consultants agree to accept the terms and conditions of Massport’s standard work order agreement, a copy of the Authority’s standard agreement can be found on the Authority’s web page at www.massport.com. Consultant shall specify in its cover letter that it has the ability to obtain requisite insurance coverage.

This submission, including the litigation and legal proceedings history in a separate sealed envelope as required shall be addressed to Houssam H. Sleiman, PE, CCM, Director of Capital Programs and Environmental Affairs and received no later than 12:00 Noon on July 13, 2017 the Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan Office Center, One Harborside Drive, Suite 209S, Logan International Airport, East Boston, MA 02128-2909. Any submission which is not received in a timely manner shall be rejected by the Authority as non-responsive. Any information provided to the Authority in any Proposal or other written or oral communication between the Proposer and the Authority will not be, or deemed to have been, proprietary or confidential, although the Authority will use reasonable efforts not to disclose such information to persons who are not employees or consultants retained by the Authority except as may be required by M.G.L. c.66.