Trump’s ‘massive’ middle-class tax cut is pure bunkum

Earl O. Hutchinson | 8/3/2017, 6 a.m.

The federal agencies that shell out the corporate welfare largesse are unchanged. The Tax Foundation estimates in its annual reports that corporations will receive more than a half trillion dollars in government entitlements, spread over the several years in an array of tax breaks and loopholes. Every major corporation and bank is and has been in on the subsidy grab for years.

The billions doled out in corporate welfare annually dwarf the amount the federal government distributes to the states for welfare, food stamps, child nutrition initiatives and other support programs for the poor and needy. However, these are the ones that are in Trump’s bullseye to be cut or eliminated. They are convenient, popular and emotionally rousing triggers that stir the ire of millions and routinely ignite rants against welfare queens, leeches and the entitlement chiselers. By contrast, to brand a corporate or banking head that receives millions in direct or indirect government handouts lazy and slothful is unthinkable.

Trump has appropriated the stereotype of a “government leech” into a perennial political talking point that the government is too big, wasteful and intrusive — and that those who appear to benefit most from government should pay the most for it.

This is the kind of argument that’s always stirred middle-income earners into a tizzy. Trump has crudely played on that anger to sell them on the notion that he’ll do something about their tax burden. The figures say otherwise.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.