Massachusetts Black & Latino Legislative Caucus website goes live

12/11/2014, 6 a.m.

This month, the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus unveiled its new website, www.mablacklatinocaucus.com. The beta-version website is the Caucus’ first online venture and is designed to keep the public informed of the Caucus’ State House and community efforts.

“This is an important step to increasing our presence on the web and in our respective communities,” said Rep. Marcos Devers (D-Lawrence), MBLLC Chair. “I am thrilled to see it go live,” Representative Devers continued.

The website features information on each MBLLC member and the Caucus’ legislative and budgetary priorities. The Caucus website features Google Translate, which allows users to download website content in more than 30 languages.

“People need to know how to get in touch with us. This website will allow them to do so faster and in the language they feel most comfortable speaking,” said MBLLC Vice chairman, Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Mattapan).

Prior to the launch of www.mablacklatinocaucus.com, the only Caucus resource online available was that created by community activist and Blackstonian founder, Jamarhl Crawford of Roxbury. “We want to give a special thanks to Jamarhl for his contributions to the Caucus’ online presence,” said Representative Devers.