Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Partners HealthCare are supporting young families

4/17/2014, 9:09 a.m.
Pictured here are Young Parent Ambassadors celebrating after last year’s successful Summit for Teen Empowerment, Progress, and Parenting Success.

Young Parent Ambassadors serve as a support system for one another, meeting weekly to discuss the experience and challenge of being a young parent. “Being an ambassador has made such a difference in my life,” says Grace, a Young Parent Ambassador. “I love being a young mom, but I know what it’s like to lack social support. Being a Young Parent Ambassador has shown me that others care about me and my child. I want to help do for others what the Ambassadors program has done for me and my son.”

The Ambassadors play an essential role in the program’s annual Summit for Teen Empowerment, Progress, and Parenting Success (STEPS). STEPS is held at Northeastern University and brings together young families and community agencies in a safe forum where young parents can celebrate their success and connect with resources to help them achieve their parenting and life goals. The Ambassadors help to plan the event, facilitate workshops, and participate as event speakers. This year’s summit is June 26th

“The Stronger Generations program is a great example of our efforts to ensure access to quality medical care and community resources for all of the patients we serve,” says Matt Fishman, Vice President of Partners Community Health. “Ensuring that women have access to quality health care before their first pregnancy and continuing to provide consistent, coordinated, and culturally competent care throughout their lives is essential for achieving health equity.”

By giving every baby a healthy start at birth, we ensure that every member of our community is on the best possible trajectory toward lifelong health.

To learn more about Stronger Generations, go to http://www.brighamandwomen’s.org/communityprograms