Community-Oriented Pediatric Medical Homes

Dr. Genevieve Daftary, Pediatrics Department | 9/15/2013, noon
What does a patient centered medical home (PCMH) look like within primary care pediatrics? What is needed from a pediatric- ...
A pediatric patient and his mother talk with a medical assistant at Codman Square Health Center. Codman Health Square

Externally, we have cultivated strong relationships with schools, recognizing that after early childhood, schools become not just the places where children spend most of their waking hours but also micro-communities that serve as a way to engage with students and parents around a variety of health and wellness topics. We enjoy being a resource for consultation on school health policies and programs, a referral resource for health services and an on-site provider of care.

Our longest and strongest partnerships have been with Tech Boston Academy, where one of our nurse practitioners runs a school-based health center, and Codman Academy Charter Public School, the first and only co-located school within a health center in the country. These relationships with schools fit into a belief that integrating education and health care can achieve real community wellness through the reversal of the effects of systemic poverty. As we work with these and other school partners, we are looking to build systems to promote the growth of healthy children who will go on to be leaders of healthy communities. It is a vision for a new patient-centered approach that we are excited to be a part of building.

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