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Banner Staff | 9/11/2013, 3:40 p.m. | Updated on 9/11/2013, 3:40 p.m.
After a brief hubbub, State Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry was named the host of St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, and will become the first non-Irish to hold the honor. Dorcena Forry, a Haitian-American, was recently elected to represent the First Suffolk district, which has traditionally been held by white Irish men. Banner Archives

Boston Foundation sets records for fund raising and grant making in 2013 fiscal year

The Boston Foundation announced last week that its 2013 fiscal year was a record-setting year for fund raising, with the foundation receiving gifts and grants totaling $131.7 million between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013. The foundation also set a record for grants released in the fiscal year, with the foundation and its donors giving nearly $98 million in grants to nonprofits throughout Greater Boston and beyond.

“Boston Foundation donors have a long history of investing to solve the challenges of Greater Boston, and there is no greater evidence of that than 2013,” said Paul S. Grogan, President and CEO of the Boston Foundation. “This fund-raising effort underscores the value donors place in creating funds that can utilize the unique strengths of the Boston Foundation in asset management, research and grant making to change lives.”

The $131.7 million total marks a 26 percent increase over the previous record year for contributions, $104 million in the 2008 fiscal year. The $97.7 million in grants paid out is a slight increase over the record set in the 2012 fiscal year.

The Boston Foundation will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2015 — over its history, the foundation has distributed more than $1.1 billion to nonprofit organizations, over half of that in the past decade alone.