Fresh Truck

Healthy food on wheels

Kassmin Williams | 10/15/2013, 6 a.m.

“The grapes are $2.50 a bag for a 2.5 pound bag,” Cromwell said.

Convenience and affordability aren’t the only parts of the Fresh Truck experience that has impressed Cromwell.

Cromwell said Clarke and Trautwein offer knowledge about healthy eating and have been open to suggestions from residents.

“It’s good all the way around,” Cromwell said. “I’m glad they’re there.”

Residents living at Mishawum Park in Charlestown have similar stories about Fresh Truck.


Taylor Minore

“[Trautwein] is constantly interacting with them while they’re there,” said Kristin Brophy, resident service manager at Mishawum Park. “Seeing what they can do to make their experience better. He’s very open to feedback and always looking for input from the residents so they get what they’re looking for.”

Most of the food sold by Fresh Truck comes from the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, where supermarkets and produce wholesalers purchase their fruits and vegetables, Clarke said.

Trautwein and Clarke also work with Allandale Farm in Brookline and connect to other local farms through a local hub aggregator called OR FoodEx that Daniel describes as a one-stop shop for anything that can be sourced locally.

Fresh Truck follows a social business model. Profits are placed back into fulfilling Fresh Truck’s mission of offering healthy foods at affordable prices to increase healthier living in food desert neighborhoods.

As Fresh Truck enters into its third month in business, Trautwein and Clarke are working on expanding their food choices to include healthy carbohydrates like granola bars, bread, nuts, grains and trail mix.

Trautwein said expanding the inventory would allow families to access all the different foods they need to achieve personal health.

For Fresh Truck’s complete schedule, visit thefreshtruck.org.