GOP mute on Apple and other corporations’ welfare grabs

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | 5/29/2013, 5:48 a.m.

The GOP’s big, wasteful, intrusive government line spans nearly a century of GOP politics. It has been used as a political ram to batter Democratic presidents. It was used against FDR’s New Deal, Truman’s Fair Deal Program — which included a push for national health care — LBJ’s Great Society jobs and education spending programs, and to pressure JFK and Clinton into tax cuts that directly benefited corporations and the wealthy.

This ties precisely into the GOP’s other sacred belief that lower-end workers and the poor are in essence parasites that feed at the government pen at the expense of upper-income earners and the wealthy.

The GOP has translated its mantra of chopping off the subsidies from the supposedly undeserving needy — but not touching a dime of the federal government’s subsidies to the truly undeserving corporate rich — to rally conservatives, the business community and a significant number of Americans who genuinely believe government spending and power is way out of control. And of course, to wage its relentless, high-intensity war against President Obama.

To his credit, Arizona Sen. John McCain did rip Apple for tax avoidance. But if past practice is any indication, aside from a few nasty media hits and feigned indignation, that will be where it ends. And Apple and the other corporate biggies will skip away with their corporate welfare goodies just as they always have.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.