Friends of Madison Park High School ask Mayor Menino to intervene at school

Howard Manly | 6/26/2013, 11:16 a.m.

Also part of current leadership at Madison Park is Roger Bourgeois, the newly hired head of vocational education for Boston Public Schools. According to students, faculty and administrators, Bourgeois has little interaction with anyone at the school where he has an office. After attending a recent meeting with community members about improving Madison, he supposedly told a co-worker that the meeting was “just a bunch of people whining, moaning and complaining about the conditions of the building.”

It was the conditions of the building that prompted Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham to focus on what she described as a “huge hole” in English teacher Dana Murray’s classroom. “When it rains,” Abraham wrote, “Water pours into the room, students move their desks and place trash barrels to collect the torrent.”

And it was that column that prompted Superintendent Johnson to write a response to the Globe.

“This week the Globe told the story of those who are asking us to do even more to transform Madison Park into a place of excellence — and we would certainly agree with these voices,” Johnson wrote.

But the Friends of Madison Park have said after repeated meetings with Johnson, the situation — at least when it comes to the present leadership — remains the same. A new headmaster is expected to be hired by the end of this month, but some worry that the new hire will be unable to move the school forward unless current leadership is removed.

“Yes, we have spoken to and met with the superintendent, to no avail,” wrote the Friends of Madison Park in their letter to Menino. “This is why we are requesting to meet with you without further delay. We cannot and will not allow our children to continue to languish and suffer for lack of opportunity and education.”