Father’s Day rally to raise prostate health awareness

Kassmin Williams | 6/12/2013, 3:44 p.m.

The Twelfth Baptist Church has participated in the rally since its inception in 2009.

Church pastor and prostate cancer survivor Arthur Gerald Jr. said he has seen several men from the church visit doctors and find out they have prostate cancer after attending a rally.

Partnering with churches for the rallies also brings in the element of faith, Farrington said, to help people stricken with prostate cancer overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with the disease.

“Fear is a big issue with prostate cancer,” Farrington said. “With any cancer, it’s fear and you’ve got to have that element of faith that’s going to help you get through and face cancer with success. A lot of time if you don’t have that, the psyche part of facing cancer can be overwhelming.”

Along with the goal to raise awareness of prostate cancer in the black community, Farrington has a personal goal of his own: to break the chain of prostate cancer deaths in his family.

Farrington, who had a recurrence of prostate cancer in 2009 but treated it successfully, is also an example of the impact of prostate health education.

“Knowledge is your best defense,” Farrington said. “Without doing what I’m doing and my knowledge, I never would’ve known that [treatment] existed.”

To participate in PHEN’s Father’s Day Rally Against Prostate Cancer visit prostatehealthed.org, click on Massachusetts on the map at the top of the webpage, and then click on “PHEN’s Father’s Day Rally Church Partners” for a list of participating churches.