Haley House

2/13/2013, 7:29 a.m.
features health-conscious fare, catering services and regular...

Upcoming Events:
Drown your sorrows about the Pats missing the Super Bowl ticket in a hot bowl of soup at their annual 5th Annual Souper Bowl, February 24th. The event will feature soups from local chefs, artistry (soup bowl) from Mass Art students and of course lots of soup to try! Visit their website for complete information.

Outside Services:
In addition to serving in the café, Haley House expands its message of delicious and healthy food with catering both for businesses and individuals. With this additional service, the non-profit was able to break even for the first time since it was established seven years ago. Last year, 90 percent of their expenses were covered overall through sales.

Why You Should Go:
When you go to the Haley House, you can’t help but feel good. You’re supporting a mission that helps so many in so many vital ways. But maybe the best part is that even if you took all the feel-good away, you’d still have a great place to sit and have an excellent meal, which is sustainability at its finest.

  Haley House
  12 Dade Street
  Roxbury, MA