Key legislators endorse Forry

In her race against two challengers for the vacated First Suffolk District state senate, Linda Dorcena Forry is leaving little to chance.

Howard Manly | 4/18/2013, noon

Forry, on the other hand, received an “A+” for her legislative voting record, including a ‘no’ vote on the three strikes bill and another ‘no’ vote on the EBT reform bill.

She also received credit for sponsoring a measure that assessed diversity in the workforce and gaming industry.

More important, Forry has earned the respect of her colleagues on Beacon Hill.

Among the elected officials who are supporting Rep. Forry’s candidacy are: Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, Rep. Michael Moran, Rep. Byron Rushing, Rep. Russell Holmes, Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez, Rep. Liz Malia, Rep. Carlos Henriquez, Rep. Gloria Fox, Sheriff Steve Tompkins, City Councillor-at-Large Ayanna Pressley, City Councillor-at-Large Felix Arroyo and City Councillor Tito Jackson.

“I am honored to have the support of my colleagues from both city and state government at my side,” said Forry. “They know first-hand the work I’ve done on Beacon Hill and in our communities to improve the quality of life for all Bostonians.”

State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz — who represents the Second Suffolk district — said she is eager to have Rep. Forry join her in the Senate chamber this year. “Linda Dorcena Forry is one of the most effective and accomplished state lawmakers on Beacon Hill,” Chang-Diaz said in a statement.

Rep. Michael Moran worked alongside Rep. Forry as chairman of the House Redistricting Committee in 2011-12.

“We know that Linda is one of the hardest working and most dedicated people on Beacon Hill — and also one of the nicest people in government that you will ever meet,” Moran stated. “Linda cares about her constituents and never forgets why she’s up here.”

Councillor-at-Large Felix Arroyo, who recently announced his candidacy for Boston mayor, said that Rep. Forry’s experience in both city and state government over the last two decades makes her qualified to fill the now-vacant Senate seat.

“Linda is an experienced legislator whose desire to serve comes from her commitment to community,” Arroyo said. “She has always and will always put people first.”

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins sang her praises as well.

“Rep. Forry moved up quickly into leadership positions in the Legislature, because her peers recognized that she has special skills in building consensus and finding solutions to difficult problems,” Tompkins said. “As chair of the Committee on Community Development and Small Business, Linda didn’t wait for advocates to bring their ideas to state government. She led a statewide tour to go out to Main Streets all over the Commonwealth. She came back with real solutions, passed new laws to help small businesses create new jobs. This is real leadership.”