Judge places ‘dysfunctional’ RoxComp into receivership

Citing “severe dysfunction” with finances, administration and patient services at the Roxbury Comprehensive Health Center, state Attorney General Martha Coakley last week received authority to place t

Howard Manly | 4/18/2013, noon

At the time, Crawford questioned not only the validity of the unsigned, anonymous letters but also the timing. “None of the letters,” Crawford told the Bay State Banner, “accuse me of stealing money or running a center that is delivering poor health care.”

Without commenting on specific allegations, Crawford explained that RoxComp has undergone several routine surveys by both federal and state regulatory agencies. If there were deficiencies, Crawford said, they were fixed in a timely manner.

Crawford then said she believes the letters were sent “in retaliation” for her role as chairman of the board of Roxbury Community College. She did not explain the link between the two institutions or how her role in one affected her role in the other. Shortly after those comments were made last summer, Crawford was replaced as board chairman of Roxbury Community College.

It is unclear at this time whether the mismanagement at the Center will lead to any criminal charges. According to court records, the center received $1.9 million in federal funds but has shown an annual loss of about $400,000. Federal and state regulators caution that the Center’s financial statements have not been audited in several years in part because it still owes $35,000 to the firm that performed them in the past.

“It is my intention,” Feaster said in a statement, “to manage with appropriate diligence and respect the orderly disposition of patient transfer, employee pay and benefits, accounts receivables and payments, and the preservation of assets. I look forward to immediately assembling a team to address the task before me.”