José Massó

4/3/2013, 7:25 a.m.
The Massachusetts Port Authority recently announced that José...

José Massó

The Massachusetts Port Authority recently announced that José C. Massó III is the Authority’s new director of community relations.

Massó has a long career in government, community affairs, communications and consulting. He will be responsible for directing the development and implementation of programs designed to lessen the impact Massport’s facilities have on its neighbors.

Massó, 62, lives in Boston. He began his public service career in 1983 in the Governor’s Office of Community Services and has held key posts at the MBTA, Northeastern University and the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration. He has had a successful career in broadcasting and was inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2010. He is fluent in Spanish and skilled in cross-cultural communications.

“Massport is fortunate to have someone of Massó’s caliber heading community relations,’’ said Thomas J. Keady Jr., who worked with Massó at Northeastern University and is now vice president for governmental and community affairs at Boston College. “He has a great understanding of Boston and its neighborhoods and has a great attitude about helping people. He likes to get to ‘yes,’ and in community affairs, it is all about getting to yes.’’