Commonwealth School: Always Searching for More

By Tristan Davies | 10/11/2012, 6:15 a.m.
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Even with a pair of part-time jobs, Jessica still makes time for her group of “great friends.” The lines that divide other schools into cliques are less of a factor in Commonwealth’s social life, she said. “Crossing the lines is OK — when you go to class, you’re just kicking it with friends.”

The cultural, economic, and geographic diversity among Commonwealth’s 150 students also adds to the education, as students share their stories and perspectives in and out of class.

Jessica, whose parents are Haitian, has fit in comfortably.

“I notice that students of color are in the minority here, but it’s not a problem, not in my acting, my dancing, or in class,” she said. 

Diversity Director Lihuan Lai, who is also a Commonwealth graduate, says “Jessica quickly made friends with other students of color at Commonwealth.”

“She also has a substantial role on the Diversity Committee,” a group of about 25 students from many different backgrounds who hold meetings throughout the school year and plan an annual “Diversity Day” to raise awareness of issues related to ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.

“When she speaks, others listen,” said Lai.

At Commonwealth, Jessica has found a community that helps each student find his or her voice, and feeds his or her passion for learning.

“Commonwealth is a place where you can accomplish a lot and be satisfied,” she said, knowing that what her friends and teachers have learned and taught will serve her well for a long time.

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