Susan Rice is President Obama’s call to make for Secretary of State

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | 11/28/2012, 7:52 a.m.

The massive cloud over Rice prompted some Democrats to threaten to delay her confirmation on the Senate floor, but all but two Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to confirm. Though some Senate Democrats on the Senate floor did hotly debate Rice’s role in the Iraq war debacle, ultimately most of them voted to confirm her.

They did not hold her hostage to the horribly failed, flawed foreign policy of the Bush Administration. There is absolutely no comparison to Bush’s policy and the foreign policy of the Obama Administration.

There are legitimate questions and concerns that should be raised about the deaths of the four Americans at Benghazi. But to use that terrible event to discredit the legion of ground-breaking, successful foreign policy accomplishments of the Obama Administration is beyond unconscionable.

The GOP’s never-ending campaign to tar one of the administration’s most accomplished foreign affairs experts is nothing but mean-spirited, cynical politics.

The GOP House members that took the unprecedented step of signing off on a warning letter to Obama to dump Rice before any decision is made about her again sent the strong message that it will continue to grab at any straw — no matter how ludicrous — to wage war on the Obama Administration.

This is all the more reason why the decision to appoint Rice as Secretary of State is the president’s call, not the GOP’s to make. And it’s a call that the president should make quickly.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst.