Big Business Network Inc. offers positive choices

Richard Feloni | 7/25/2012, 8:10 a.m.

He found his answer in making his classes conversational, and analogies helped teach kids without them even realizing that they were learning.     For example, he used the scenario of buying a bag of chips at a local market to illustrate the principles of retail. Students implemented their newfound knowledge on computers.

“I had a fourth grader who’s able to go on Google Finance, download historical prices, upload that on an Excel spreadsheet, then graph it and tell you how many times out of the year Google was profitable,” said Price. “Now, you’re not going to take financial advice from what this kid is telling you, but…,” he laughed.

Willis finds Price to be an exceptional teacher due not only to his drive and determination, but also his ability to relate to his students. “When the younger kids can see somebody who looks like them, who speaks like them, it enables them to be able to identify with him.”

Price said that the young men know that he respects them. “If you can teach the kids that a lot of life is about relationships, then that’s something that will be ingrained in them.”

His program may teach how to use Google Finance and how to shoot a free throw, but fundamentally it is about learning the benefits of developing a work ethic and treating people the right way.

The Big Business Network program is scheduled to begin again in the fall with a group of seven, and Price knows that his former students who sign on again will help new recruits catch up. “It’s a team,” he said.

Price attributes his success to his mother, but she wants him to recognize his role in it, as well. “He did what he needed to do to get where he is,” she said.