UMass Lowell graduates are work ready, life ready and world ready

10/12/2011, 1:21 a.m.
Learn with purpose at UMass Lowell. You are right to be thinking...

Learn with purpose at UMass Lowell.

You are right to be thinking carefully about choosing a college. Maybe you have a clear destination; maybe you’re searching for one. Either way, UMass Lowell offers an outstanding college experience that will serve you well wherever you go from here.

UMass Lowell is an affordable, mid-sized, comprehensive research university that combines quality academics with personal attention. Our location — 25 miles from Boston in a culturally rich city within major industry corridors — is fertile ground for recreation, inspiration and work opportunities.

With 120 majors to choose from, you have plenty of options to explore. You have personal support from a world-class faculty for achieving whatever your goals may be or become. You develop the knowledge, skills and experience you need to succeed. You learn with purpose.  When you graduate, you’ll take your place in the world, confident in what you can contribute and achieve. But it doesn’t end there because learning with purpose is the journey of a lifetime.

Meet Josiah Bote

“Mission Accomplished. The academic experiences, opportunities to excel and the support I received at UMass Lowell made me a strong candidate for medical school.”

Josiah majored in biology and took part in the honors program. He researched dry eye syndrome in a microbiology lab on campus and volunteered at nearby Lowell General Hospital. These and other experiences at UMass Lowell, including pre-med advising and support from the career counseling office, affirmed his ambition to be a doctor and helped him get into medical school. Because he knew he had years of medical school ahead of him, Josiah appreciated the fact that his undergraduate education was affordable without compromising on quality. Josiah attends UMass Medical School.

Be work ready. Learn through experience.

Graduate with experience in your field. Bridge the gap between understanding a concept and applying it. Discover the power of learning through using what you know outside the classroom in co-ops, internships, clinical experiences, research and service-learning. You work in professional settings. You address real problems. You develop real skills. These experiences are an important part of your résumé. They can also teach you as much about yourself as about the work you’ll do.

Be life ready. Go ahead and mix it up because life is interdisciplinary.

The world is not one-dimensional and neither are you. Explore varied academic interests, combine them in inventive ways or choose an interdisciplinary major or minor. But don’t stop there. UMass Lowell’s diverse community and high-energy campus life help you make connections — across disciplines, across campus, across the region. In the meantime, you discover interests and friendships that will sustain you for life.

Be world ready. Close distances and open your mind.

It’s a small world after all, and a well connected one, too. We want you to feel at home in it and inspired by it. We want you to be ready to take advantage of exciting opportunities in the global economy and to make lasting contributions to a world that sorely needs you. A global focus in the classroom and outside of it helps you develop important life skills.