5/3/2011, 11:13 p.m.
Pictured (from l to r) at last week’s screening...

Pictured (from l to r) at last week’s screening of “35 and Ticking” are Tracey Lungelow, Ramona Lisa Alexander, writer/director Russ Parr, Parr’s publicist Wyllisa Bennett and VCR. The screening was presented by the Roxbury International Film Festival at the Stuart Street Playhouse. (Colette Greenstein photo)
Laz Alonzo (Jason Taylor) and Paula Patton (Sabrina Watson) star in the romantic comedy “Jumping the Broom,” which opens in theaters May 6. The film also includes Angela Bassett, who plays Sabrina’s mother, in this story about two families meeting before upcoming nuptials. (Jonathan Wenk photos )

It’s been all about the movies lately. Just got back from attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City where I attended a couple of panels and saw some great documentaries, including one called “Beat, Rhymes and Life” about my favorite hip hop group, Tribe Called Quest.

It gave the scoop on how the group was formed, their rise and subsequent breakup, plus an inside look at the strife between Phife and Q-Tip. After the screening there was a QandA with director Michael Rapaport and Tribe members Ali and Phife Dawg. Sorry, ladies, Q-Tip wasn’t there.

And, recently I had the opportunity to participate in an interview [for the black press from around the country], with actors Paula Patton and Laz Alonso, who star in the upcoming romantic comedy “Jumping the Broom.” Produced by T.D. Jakes and Tracey E. Edmonds (of Our Stories Films), the movie is about the upcoming nuptials of “uptown” Sabrina Watson (Patton) and “downtown” Jason Taylor (Alonso) and what happens when their two seemingly different families meet for the first time at their weekend wedding on the Watson family estate on Martha’s Vineyard.  

The film is directed and co-produced by Salim Akil (“The Game”) in his feature film debut and also includes Angela Bassett as Claudine Watson, Loretta Devine as Pam Taylor, Meagan Good (“Stomp the Yard”), Tasha Smith (“Couples Retreat,” “Why Did I Get Married Too?”), Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”), Romeo Miller (“Honey”) and Mike Epps (“The Hangover,” “Resident Evil: Extinction”).

Here’s what Patton and Alonso had to say about their experience on “Jumping the Broom,” past film roles and the state of black love in Hollywood today.

How would you describe Sabrina Watson?

Paula Patton:  Sabrina Watson is a romantic. She falls in love easily. I called her a love bug. When you first meet her in the film, she’s made some wrong decisions about men and has entered into things too quickly. Then, she calls on God to help guide her to find the right man for her. Then, she literally runs into Jason Taylor who becomes the man she’s going to marry.