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1/11/2011, 9:40 a.m.
George Irish is the CEO and founder of Strategis, a marketing communications company. ...
George Irish is the CEO and founder of Strategis, a marketing communications company.

Within this area, we foresaw the shift in media coming once again. We knew that in order to service our clients properly we needed to understand the relationships between marketing, public relations and social media. We created a concept we call social communications — using marketing, PR, online and interactive tools to develop more effectively that coveted one-on-one relationship between a client and their audience.

Q: What techniques do you employ to establish that your advertising campaign has been effective?

We measure everything. No one can afford to get by on their gut instinct any longer. If you are going to spend money on an ad, a tool or a publication, you need to know if it is working.

Website traffic and pay-per-click campaigns are numerically measurable. We report these numbers back to our clients on a weekly or monthly basis. By comparing these results over other similar time periods, we can determine whether a promotion is effective.

Social media initiatives might not be easy to measure numerically. The approach is to define goals and deliverables. Then we later evaluate results on the basis of those benchmark expectations. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring for any overflow from our campaign.

We pride ourselves on being communicative and transparent, and we make it a point always to share all of our findings with clients. In most cases results, whether positive or negative, shine light on an opportunity that we didn’t see before.

Q: Is Strategis now capable of handling all of the design and creative work for print, radio, television and Internet?

Absolutely, from soup to nuts: Concept, creative, copy, production, editing, tracking and measuring. We have a staff of 11 and other independent contractors on call to work on any project, no matter how complex.

Q: What has been the impact on your business of being a black-owned firm?

None positive or negative. At least that is what I can discern.