Berklee College of Music Signature Series: 'Songs of Richard Smallwood'

Jacquinn Williams | 2/15/2011, 9:23 a.m.
Richard Smallwood is an American gospel music artist. Richard Smallwood

If you weren’t musically inclined, what would you do?

I would probably teach a literature class or be a novelist. Growing up I always enjoyed writing little stories. English was my favorite subject.

When have you taken a stand for something?

When I was at Howard some fellow students and I tried to talk to the dean about changing the curriculum in the arts department. The dean wasn’t hearing us so we took over the fine arts building. We protested and played and sang gospel music all day long. That was instrumental in bringing jazz and other music programs to the school.

Tell me about a fan that touched your heart.

There have been so many but about a week and a half ago a fan wrote me on Facebook saying she had been diagnosed with lung cancer the week before. She said she was inconsolable. She would receive cards and e-mails from friends but she couldn’t find comfort. It was like the bottom had fallen out.  But when she heard “Trust Me” — my new song that was just released — she found peace. More peace than she could have imagined. That keeps me encouraged.

What can’t you get enough of?

My new CD! [Laughs]. I have been listening to the master and finalizing it. It’s in my car, in my house, on my iPad and iPod. It’s everywhere.

Richard Smallwood with Vision’s new CD “Promises” hits stores March 15. For more information on Berklee College of Music Signature Series, visit www.berklee.edu/news/2493/berklee-s-spring-signature-concert-series.