Cedric the Entertainer brings stand-up to Wilbur

Jacquinn Williams | 4/27/2011, 10:36 a.m.
Cedric the Entertainer performed at the Wilbur Theatre last week. (Anthony Citrano photo, www.zigzaglens.com) Jacquinn Williams...
Cedric the Entertainer performed at the Wilbur Theatre last week.

You’ve had great success with your book. Is another one on the table?

Well, I’m in talks to do another book. With the success of Steve Harvey’s [relationship] books, I’ve been approached to do the same type of thing, but that’s not me. Steve came from a really authentic place and I want to be authentic with my next book.

Tell me about the movie you’re directing. Have you wrapped up and what did you learn?

You know it’s a great experience. We’re doing some post-production editing right now. It’s a comedy with young actors. It’s a quirky movie that we decided to do independently on a low budget. We had an intense schedule. We shot the movie in fifteen days. But it was really cool to be able to use my experience and guide the young actors. The biggest challenge was making sure that my vision stayed intact with such a tight schedule. I had a great director of photography to help me stay on course so I’m happy.

You worked at State Farm Insurance for a bit. I read an article that said insurance agents make no money for the first few years. How was your experience? Did you make money?

 I was a claims adjuster so I didn’t have to do that hustle. It was a cool job though. I had my little ways to hook people up if I felt they caught a bad rap.

How did you feel about Cornel West and Al Sharpton arguing about Obama on MSNBC’s “Stronger America: The Black Agenda?” Some bloggers were making a big deal about it and were talking about how the image of two powerful black men arguing could hurt black America.

 I didn’t even see that argument. It’s so sad that when there’s a debate then there’s unnecessary controversy.  That’s kind of what happened to me on “Barbershop.”  We tend to put our leaders on pedestals and make them icons who can never have dissenting opinions. Like, if you’re black then we are all supposed to like Barack. I think that whenever there are differing opinions it’s like a red hot flash button and everyone says look at this! That’s Monday morning quarterbacking; anyone can do that.  You can’t make comments if you’re not in the game. Like Trump and his comments on Kobe’s playing. That made me want to slap his wig off! Man! Having differing opinions is healthy. I think it’s fine.