Chuck Turner vows to testify in his federal bribery trial

Yawu Miller | 10/13/2010, 5:23 a.m.

According to the US attorney’s affidavit, Turner met with Wilburn in 2007. Wilburn approached Turner on July 27 and offered to hold a fundraiser on his behalf. According to the affidavit, Turner then requested that Wilburn meet him in his Dudley Square office.

The affidavit says Wilburn met Turner in Turner’s Dudley Square office on Aug. 3, 2007, handed him $1,000 in cash and said “take your wife to dinner.”

The FBI submitted grainy photos they say depict Wilburn handing Turner the cash.

Crawford says he’s not hopeful that Turner will survive his legal troubles unscathed.

“I have a bad feeling this is not going to end well for Mr. Turner,” he said. “Any time the feds go after you like this, they’re not wasting their money,” he said.

But DePass points to the FBI’s history of disproportionate targeting of black elected officials in the 1980s and 1990s, noting that former Birmingham, Ala. Mayor Richard Arrington was the subject of an eight-year investigation that resulted in no charges.

“Why bribe a city councilor to do something over which he has no power?” DePass questioned. “All of this stuff is so shaky and ridiculous. I don’t see why anyone would bring this forward.”