Delius Doherty added a bit of flavor to 'Chorus Line'

Jules Becker | 11/30/2010, 6:17 p.m.

“A Chorus  Line” is one of Doherty’ favorite shows, and the largely sensational performers in the North Shore Music Theatre revival had first timers and fans alike agreeing.

Mark Martino, reprising the original choreography and staging, made full use of the in-the-round theater, capturing the elements of the title’s metaphorical lines and moving performers to the aisles in some sequences. The result was a production that transcended the challenges of the round and succeeded in making the audience identify with the dancers as fellow participants in the dance of life.

Ensemble numbers shined — especially the famous “One” finale. At the same time, there were several standouts among the featured performers. Rebecca Riker, who brought elegance and excitement to gifted dancer Cassie’s famous solo “The Music and the Mirror” also proved to be one of the best singers in the role in recent memory.

Katie Cameron had great attitude as ballet-trained Sheila, and Derek Hanson captured Zach’s real concern that Cassie will waste her talent if she toes the line with the chorus. Jonathan Day was acrobatically strong as Mike, and Doherty matched his rapid moves as Richie with richly resonant singing.

“A Chorus Line” ran on Broadway for nearly 15 years. The North Shore revival beautifully sustained that kind of love affair with dance.