Shelly Runyon | 7/13/2010, 11 a.m.
(Kim Glover photo)Shelly Runyon The Mark Lomax Trio:...

“Even though I might write all the music that we play,” said Lomax, “I try to work in the old tradition where a cat will bring in sketch of what he wants and then we kind of just go over it once or twice. For this record we only rehearsed for an hour and a half, because I wanted it to be fresh when we got to the studio, I didn’t want it to be worked out and perfected because that’s not real to me.”

There are five songs on the album, “Stuck in a Rut,” “The Unknown Self,” “The Power of Knowing,” “To Know God is to Know Thyself” and “Blues for Charles.”

The first four songs discuss Lomax’s struggle for identity and acceptance and the final is a tribute to his father Charles and explores the special moments that only family can provide.

The overall sound is powerful, and the conversation is shared equally between the three. The album cover opens with a summation of the sound by Berklee School of Music professor Bill Banfield.

“This album is the kind of piece we’d hope for, that continues and draws from the best of great creative jazz traditions that redefined jazz, sound artistry and definitions of new music,” Banfield says. “It’s a big bold adventurous sound with personality, integrity, soul and ‘follow me because we love playing and giving music.’ ”