Community Voices: The soul underground

Craig A. Eleazer | 12/21/2010, 6:40 p.m.

It may take a little research on your part but you will find plenty of quality new soul music via the internet. Soultracks.com, Soulchoonz.com and Soul Commune.com will quickly get you up to date with the latest music releases and artists.  

If you Google “Soul music radio stations” you will be given a choice of stations to listen to from around the world.  These stations will expose you to wonderful female artists like Angela Johnson, Lenora Jaye, Selena Johnson, Trish Andrews, Hil St. Soul and Chidi.  

There are wonderful male artists like Une`, Eric Roberson, Rahsaan Patterson, Marc Staggers, Alexander O’Neil and Miles Jaye making great new music. You will also hear new music from Boston artists like Lori Dow, Ashanti Munir, Leon Beal, Ahmir and Athene Wilson being played worldwide!

Hopefully this will change your perception about the state of soul music. Soul music is not dead!  It has gone underground and can now be purchased direct from the artist in most cases. Soul music was always a big part of American culture not just African American culture. The children of today need to be exposed to a more positive form of musical expression.  Music should make you feel good and the best artists should receive the most exposure. So the next time that you are surfing the worldwide web take the time to sample the websites that I mentioned earlier.