The victory lap:

Reynolds Douglass Graves | 4/28/2010, 4:47 a.m.
The Roxbury Community College Tigers Men’s Basketball team had a stellar season, defeating many of their opponents with a 25-5-0 record for the 2009-2010 season. Under the leadership of Head Coach Kwami Green, the team has their eyes on next years NJCAA National Championship, which the Tigers won for the first time in 2000. courtesy of Roxbury Community College

A new player added to the team chemistry.

Ravon Dunbar, a 20-year-old, Charlestown High School graduate, is a freshman and is one of the leading scorers on the team, scoring a total of 326 points this season — second only to Cannon.

“To get a player like Ravon was truly a blessing,” Coach green said. “The humility and dedication he brings to the game is shared by the whole team.”

Dunbar was equally praising. “When I joined the team this year,” Dunbar said, “it felt like I was joining a family.”

Dunbar, like Cannon, has received similar accolades, but he is taking the college experience one step at a time and hopes to establish himself academically before beginning the recruitment process for other four year colleges.

 “Ravon will have to step up into the leadership role next year for the team,” Green said. “I am fully confident his leadership will serve the team well.”

This year’s team wasn’t the first to play on a championship level. In 2000, RCC won the NJCAA National title game in Dephi, New York.

This year, after winning the Regional Championship and placing 5th at Nationals, the Tigers are focused on taking home the grand prize next season.

When asked about his hopes for the Tigers next year as he becomes Captain of the squad, Dunbar said “we are going to win the Championship next year, no doubt about it!”

“Oh really?” Cannon chimed in, jokingly.

At the start of every season, Coach Green assembles the team in the gym to stand and look at the banner that hangs in recognition of the Tigers National victory just ten years ago.

“We all look up there and help each other think about what it is going to take to add another Championship banner up there each season,” he said. “After coming close this year, we are fully confident in the future of our team.”

Situated near Roxbury Crossing and Dudley Square, Roxbury Community College truly serves as the “gateway to the dream” for many members of the community and the 2,501 students seeking higher education within its walls.

Both Coach Green and Dunbar gave credit to many members of the student body and faculty for their support during the season. “The Student Government Association (SGA) on campus, really helped us out and even made a facebook page for us!” said Dunbar.

The teachings of basketball do not start and stop at RCC. Across the street at the Reggie Lewis Center, Coach Green conducts the “Think Smart Basketball Academy” a summer basketball clinic for young kids ages 8-18. The $100 a week program will service Boston area kids for three separate weeks: June 28th-July 2nd, August 2nd-August 5th and August 16th-August 19th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

“We want to give kids a well-rounded basketball experience,” said Green.

And possibly find some future RCC Tigers. All propective participants can contact Kwami Green at 617-869-2792