Kam Williams | 10/28/2009, 7:33 a.m.
Mo’Nique stars as ‘Mary’ in Precious: based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. (Anne Marie Fox photo...
Mo’Nique stars as ‘Mary’ in Precious: based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire. (Anne Marie Fox photo

There is a great group of people that surrounds me, starting with my husband, who is my business partner and executive producer of the talk show. With our assistants and our staff in our home, we have a great team. So please believe me, I’d love to say, “Oh honey, I’m a superwoman!” But I’m so far from being a superwoman. It’s all the people who surround us are what make Mo’Nique work.

Laz also asks if it was hard for you not to take your character home with you at the end of the day when you were shooting Precious?

It wasn’t hard at all. We left it on the stage. When Lee said “Cut!” that’s what it was.

Marcia Evans says that she wants you to know that this fan of yours gained more respect for you after you opened up to Oprah about the sexual and emotional abuse that happened to you. Just let her know that I’m so proud of her stepping up. She goes on to say, “I want Monique to know that she has probably healed some women by sharing her truth. Monique you are looking beautiful!” I guess she didn’t exactly have a question.

Well, tell that baby, thank you very much!

I was totally blown away by your performance when I saw Precious.  I’ve never heard so much Oscar-buzz so far in advance of a picture’s release. Everybody’s been talking about your performance since last January when the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. How do you feel about all the buzz?

You know what? I’m excited about any buzz. I was excited when Lee Daniels first called me up. Just for the movie’s message to be told, that’s where the real excitement comes in for me.

The Laz Alonso question: How can your fans help you?

By realizing that they’re not my fans, but my bosses. I want them to know that I’m just as excited as they are when they ask for an autograph or take a picture with me, because I’m still that little girl who used to practice in the mirror.

Speaking of mirrors, when you look in the mirror, what do you see?

[Laughs] I see somebody, baby, that’s full of life. I see somebody that still has a lot more growing to do and is willing to take it on. I see somebody that the universe said to her, “We’re going to give you this and see how you deal with it.”  I see somebody who has an incredible husband, amazing kids and great people around her. So, when I look in that mirror, I be like, “For real?”
The Flex Alexander question: How do you get through the tough times?

Bless my brother Flex’s heart. Fortunately, I don’t have no tough times.

Thanks again, Mo’Nique and I’m expecting to be congratulating you on your Oscar, the next time I speak to you. 

Thank you so much, Kam. Bless your heart, sugar.