Hub designer driven by deep passion for fashion

Allison V. Kelso | 10/7/2009, 5:55 a.m.
Daniel Hernández (foreground, right) was just 23 years old when he founded DH Studios Inc. in 1997. In...

“I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” he said.

He moved on to the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied at their Paris branch for two years, flying back and forth from Europe to Boston in order to see clients.

Hernández is now settled in the Back Bay. He has his hands full, balancing his hair salon and fashion design while also teaching seminars on makeup and hairstyling through the Boston Center for Adult Education.

“My work is my social life, my everyday life,” Hernández said.

He attributed his success to perseverance. “When you stick to something for a few years, you get stuff done,” he said.

Diane Kidwell of Tableau Communications said she began representing Hernández because she was impressed with his business acumen, determination and style.

“Once I realized his talent, I said to him, more people should know about him,” Kidwell said. “I admire him as an entrepreneur, as a businessman.”

Hernández hopes to expand his business further by opening a retail store in the Boston area.

“I think I’m finally ready,” he said. “It’s time to grow.”

Hernández said he would like to create a positive experience for customers while still offering affordable clothing.

“Everything is either really expensive or it’s HandM,” he said. He sees his collection as a balance between the extremes; his pieces are priced from $35 to $115.

“I have a passion for it,” Hernández said. “And I don’t see myself doing anything else.”