BNN launches "Stop The Violence" mini-series

Caitlin Yoshiko Buysse | 12/23/2009, 4:38 a.m.

By focusing on these, Carew hopes to shift away from the misogyny and violence that are common today, in order to “begin thinking about a new narrative that can permeate the community.”

 The first episode, “Causes of Violence,” which aired Monday, included “A Dream Deferred,” and Carew’s award-winning animated film “The Maggot,” as well as a discussion between Carew, and co-hosts Rev. Gregory Groover, pastor of the Charles St. AME Church and Rev. Jeffrey Brown of the Boston Ten Point Coalition.

When asked about the causes of violence, Groover emphasized poverty and the lack of access to quality education. “When children are equipped with high-quality education, they are also equipped and fostered with hope,” he said. “Hope for their future, hope in knowing that they will have a better day tomorrow.”

 Brown agreed, saying that despite the reduction of violent crime this year, “if we’re going to really strengthen community and restore it, then we have to begin addressing those structural issues as well.”

Tune in on BNN’s News and Information Channel (Comcast 9 / RCN15) at 8:30pm for the remaining episodes: Gang Life (Thursday); Viral Impact (Friday); Not All Kids are Bad (Saturday); Re-Entry / CORI (Sunday); Solutions (Monday).